All about SAVINGS

I like to save just as much as the next gal, so I assume you do too... Here are the ways I TRY and make the most of things I'd do ANYWAYS!!!

REWARDS Just a few sites that offer rewards for stuff you most likely buy or DO anyhow.

SURVEYS These are the ones I most participate in and generate the best rewards/cash.  They are NOT the ONLY ones out there, just the ones I personally have tried and liked..

COUPONS / SAVINGS  Blogs and sites that offer a GREAT line up for maximum savings.

  • Blogs
    • Discounted Sites. (Offer Daily deals or Cash back... and all FREE to join)
     Print coupons and Digitals
      Work From Home Sites


      MILITARY Stores etc. that offer Military Discounts.

      Theme Parks



      MULTIPLES Stores and programs that offer a Discount to parents (or friends and family) buying for Multiples.

      If you know of another GREAT opportunity and would like to share or would like to ADD to the list, please feel free to Email Me...


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