Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saddest kid EVER

 We've Often joked that Luna has the SADDEST face when she is upset.  She could sell ice to Eskimos...

I swear I'm tempted to start a website with her picture saying she's some seriously unfortunate child and a penny a day donation can feed her... Bwahahahahahaha

Wouldn't YOU give her a penny???



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  1. It certainly looks like you had such a nice Christmas. You have a really nice festive page. Thank you for letting me visit. I have a coupon give away going on over at my blog if you like coupons. If not stop by anyway, and say hi.
    Have a Wonderful New Years

  2. LOL! That face is the sweetest, saddest face:) and yes I'd give her a few pennies-lol!! Too Cute!

  3. Oh she is so heartbreakingly cute!!


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