Friday, March 9, 2012

A Girl's Day Out

The other day, my girlfriend Kate decided to surprise me with a girl's day out, and by surprise, I mean TOTAL surprise.  I had NO clue where we were going.  She just said pack a bathing suit, and get hubby to make sure the gremlins are on the bus on time.

I was treated to my very first day of luxury pampering in a spa.  It was AMAZING, and very much in need.  Words can NOT express how grateful I am.  The treatment was exquisite, the silence was amazing.... several hours of not having to break up endless fighting? Someone asking ME what I wanted? What I needed? It was an out of this world experience. It was surreal to just be taken care of.

We were treated to an all body massage, and INCREDIBLE does not even begin to describe it, I did not want it to end, I swear that woman kept pulling hands from under the table.... I wanted to take that octopus home with me.............

And the hot tub...... YEAH!!!!

But the TRUE highlight had to be my shower... I have to admit, It's been over 4 years since I've taken a shower alone, and this in itself was alien to me.  I have to admit I felt LOST in there.  I eventually found myself singing dora the explorer, the brush your teeth song, while I scrubbed my hair without even realizing it.... And the KICKER??? As I was drying myself, I started mentioning the parts of the body  I was drying... Like I do for the girls... "Mommy is drying her legs..... Mommy is drying her bottom... etc." I can guarantee, the lady in the shower next to me must have gotten one HELL of a kick out ME... I was surprised the nice gentlemen with "Hug Me" jackets weren't waiting for me.

All and all it was OUT OF THIS WORLD... BUT, I wouldn't be ME, if it didn't go with out a hitch, soooooo I know you are waiting for it... Bwahahahahahaha

So, I won't dissapoint... As I was getting dressed in the locker room... I popped the corner of my eye with the corner of my Locker... YUP... Leave it to THIS girl to have a FULL day of AWESOME pampering, and leave with a BLACK EYE!!!!


X0X0 Always 0X0X,


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  1. That was fantastic! & I love the singing in the shower bit! I think we do the things we do, especially those rituals we do w/our kids so naturally! If anything, that lady had a nice reminder that it's ok to be you! : )

  2. Great Blog! I am a new follower. Please follow me back. Thanks!

  3. You have a great friend to surprise you with a Spa day. Every now and then we need to have a little me time. I am jealous...LOL.

    Happy Friday!


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