Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've miss you, YEAH.. you

 I've been away for way too long.  It's been a while since I've been on here, and honestly, I've missed it.  It has been chaotic to say the least.  I've thought about blogging often, but the fear of getting on here and only blogging negative blog posts has kept me away.  I honestly didn't want to be THAT blogger. But I guess it's time to get back on the horse RIGHT? 


We have been crazy busy around here.  The gremlins are keeping me busy are hell.

4 is the new 2...

Terrible does not even BEGIN to explain TERRIBLE.. bwahahahahahaha.. But I must admit they are  a blast, I can not imagine life with out my little people.

We STILL have no idea what direction our lives will be taking in the near future when hubby retires and it terrifies me.  It boggles me really, how one can dedicate their life to the military whole heatedly for 20 years and be left completely abandoned.

X0X0 Always 0X0X,


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  1. haha, of all days, you make a post on Valentine's Day. I think your blog appreciates the kind gesture. Do not forget to take care of this blog.


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