Sunday, November 27, 2011

A sure begining to the Season

Most folks have wonderful and amazing traditions that signify the true begining of the holiday season. Putting up the Christmas tree, Cutting down the tree, Advent Calenders, Holiday shopping, etc.   For us? (Or me should I say) It's the Holiday cards... THAT is when reality sinks in for me.. Time to buckle down and get this ho ho holiday started.. Bwahahahahaha

This year?  We are ordering ours from Tinyprints.

 Christmas Cards Fantasy Snowflake - Front : Black

Tinyprints offers an amazing array of styles and designs.  I almost DARE you to go on there and NOT find one (or in my case SEVEN) you like.


I absolutely LOVE the fact that not only do you have control of the picture (s) you upload and add, but they also give you some creative liberties with the design.  I am by NO means picky (insert sarcastic eye roll HERE) sooooo, this is PERFECT for an obsessive control freak like Mua!!!

Tinyprints has rocked our holiday world this year... and in doing so, we hope they will rock yours.

Chic Sophistication  Christmas Cards Merry Medley Christmas Cards 

  Chic Rings Christmas Cards Shared Joy Christmas Cards

Out of almost 500 cards we've narrowed it down to 4.. STILL can't decide...

Which do you think???

Disclaimer:  I was not offered any monetary compensation for this post. The above opinions and comments are strictly my own.

X0X0 Always 0X0X,

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  1. I like the one on the top right. It's fun and whimsical and you can use more than one photo.


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