Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Heelys: This Momma was Rollin'

I'll admit it... I was a Heelys virgin.  Honestly? I thought they were just for kids....
 But they looked like sooooo much fun.. So as you could imagine, I JUMPED at the idea of trying them out myself, and squealed with glee when they arrived at my front door. 

Not having skated on TWO wheels in ages.. (over 25 yrs if anyone really neeeeeds to know) I was a LIIIITTTLLEEEE freaked when it came down to the nitty gritty.. BUT there's an awesome tutorial on their site you really should check it out.. made it a whole lot easier to get the swing of things.. and THAT I did my dear quickly... YUP.. this 39 yr old was ROCKIN'.. Bwahahahaha

About the product:

Heelys are the two-in-one shoe that lets you take life at your own pace. With the wheels out, the stylish designs perform and look just like any other shoe. When you easily put the wheels in, you roll at a different speed. Heelys are about exploring your freedom, unleashing the fun and empowering you to be fearless.

    • The shoes were comfortable
    • Appear durable
    • Versatility
    • A WHEEL

    • The shoes were a little heavier than regular shoes
    • It is a little difficult to remove the wheel


    Heelys is throwing a Black Friday special!! Between Nov 25-Nov 28, Buy any pair of Heelys, get the second pair for $25. Or buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders!
    BIG thumbs UP!! for Heelys ...

    Buy it!

    You can either buy your OWN pair online or find a local retailer.

    And try it for YOURSELF!!!!

    Disclosure:  No monetary compensation has been offered or accepted. The opinions above are my own.

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    1. I am afraid this old guy would kill himself. Of course I would be the talk of the town.


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