Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pulling My Hair Out

So, our saga with the public school system here continues.  If you've been reading a while you know I had a little bit of a hard time with the registering process... (Mom Vs. The Public School System ) I thought it was all and done with once we got them registered, I was mistaken. 

I have been a little stressed with the whole process, I mean come on first time letting go of my little girls, but I've been trying to cope the best I could.  My gremlins still enjoy, and NEED a nap in the afternoons, and although bed time is hard with this nap it makes my gremlins happier girls in the afternoons, and worth the trade off.  I battled with this when registering them because I was offered two choices.  I could place them in the nearest school that had a bus service (which I was told would pick them up and drop them off at our front door) or another Elementary School that offered a morning PreK, but I would have to provide transportation.  I thought about it for a little while and figured, it'd be an easier transition for the girls (cough cough) if they boarded a bus every morning and THEY drove away, as opposed to watching ME drive away ( and of course sit in the parking lot for 3 hours sobbing like a baffoon till they got out).  I thought the latter would seem like cruel abandonment in their eyes.  Maybe I was over analyzing, but don't judge me, bwahahahahaha.

Well, last week we went to the school's orientation, and although it was geared for the older grades, it was nice to get the tour.  That was all we got, because information was not in abundance for PreK.  My biggest worry of course was the bus schedule, which they did NOT have ready yet, but I was assured the girls would have transportation and it would be available on line.  Guess what... I looked on line the other day and NO afternoon service is listed, so I began to have some concerns.

Thanks to Irene, this has been a roller coaster all its own, with power outages, school start dates pushed out further and further each day, and NO one at the schools to talk to.. /sigh/  I finally got in touch with someone on Tuesday who immediately told me "I don't know WHO would have told you your daughters would have transportation because we just do NOT offer door to door service for afternoon PreK"  REALLY? 

Now, let me tell you.. We have been trying to transition the gremlins into a NO nap schedule and it has been a DISASTER.  Cranky toddlers is an understatement.  I am quite upset, and the ONLY advice I got?  Write a letter to the superintendent to request they change schools.  Well, I do NOT have a way to print anything out right now (again Thank you Irene) but I DID send an email last night.  I guess I can just keep m fingers crossed and pray for the best, but I am one PISSED OFF momma right now.

X0X0 Always 0X0X,

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