Monday, August 8, 2011

Coupon bandit

I have been couponing for quite a while now.  Now, I'm NO extreme couponer, but I do OK... Heck I HAVE to.  We're a single income military family living in an outrageously over inflated economy.  I just think it's silly NOT to spend a little extra time, clipping, organizing and planning.  I HAVE watched the Extreme Coupon show, and although I'd LOVE to save 98% of my bill, I realistically do NOT have 80 hours a week to dedicate to couponing. 

But like any average coupon clipping momma, I buy my Sunday papers and clip away when I get the chance.  This past Sunday though, I headed out in pajamas in search for a paper on the side of the road , because I was on my own, and with two gremlins in tow and did not want to get out and drag two toddlers through a store for a paper or two.  After searching for 1 hr and encountering nothing but empty machines, I finally came across one that had a paper.  It only had one, and I wanted two, but I was exhausted and the gremlins were getting ansy so I cut my losses and headed home...

Only to find there were NO coupons in the paper... GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!  I was duped by the coupon bandit!!! Now, I understand we are all in search to save a little, but please folks not at the expense of others... Tisk Tisk!!!

X0X0 Always 0X0X, . . . . . . .

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