Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bon Ma Tante

 While in Dominican Republic I had the pleasure of meeting Willie and his wife Olga.  They are the couple my mom has living in the beach house to care for it while she is stateside.  What an amazing pair those two are.  I have never in my life met someone so caring, humble, and friendly, I fell in love with them from day one (OK Day TWO!!).  This wasn't hard, except for the fact that Olga speak NO Spanish OR English, but the gremlins and I just had to get on board with learning Haitian Creole.
They were expecting their third child, but it wasn't necessarily a great time for them.  Last year, they lost their oldest son at the young age of four to a sudden illness, and Olga was seven months pregnant at the time, and miscarried shortly after.  Tragic, my heart went out to them.
I so wanted to meet the new addition before I left, but she wasn't due till late August, and I just wasn't going to be around THAT long (Not for lack of desire, I tell ya). Although about a week before I was due to leave, I noticed, Olga was looking a little different, and rememebr mentioning to my mom that I think Olga will give birth SOON!
Two days before I was due to come home, Willie mentioned that they had to go into town, because Olga is not feeling well and bleeding.  I immediately offered to drive them so they did not have to rely on the public transit system, but assured him everything was going to be Alright, and he MAY meet his Son that day. 
I dropped them off at the hospital and headed home, only to return shortly after because they were giving them a very hard time. I'm not sure if it was because they were Hatian Immigrants, or their Spanish, nonetheless I headed over.  A few talks with the doctors, we got Olga to the Emergency room, and things happened really quickly form that point on.  Long story short.... I'm a new Auntie... A GOOD Auntie.. Bon Ma Tante...

Lucas Alexander was born.... and not only was I given the honor to name him, but also the honor of being his god mother...

X0X0 Always 0X0X,

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