Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Ark Anyone?

OK, so I'm sure you've all heard about our future house guest Irene.  If you're not expecting her, know some one who has, or are just one of the many sick and tired of hearing about her on Facebook, then you must live under a rock, and probably not blog surfing.  Well, WE expect a visit from her tomorrow.  We've prepared, as best we could, and me and the beastlies will be riding it out at home solo.  YUP, that's right, Hubby had to go in to work this morning and has to stay till Tuesday.  Boo Hoo for me.. YES I'm bitter, YES, I'm mad, and YES, I'm feeling sorry for myself.. Bwahahahaha

So, if you don't hear form us in a few days, please feel free to look out your window, I'll be the tired Dominican woman with 2 insane twin toddler divas on a raft.... and if you have hot coffee HOLLA!!! I'll paddle in for some of THAT!!!

Hope every one in her path stays safe, we will definitely be praying for you ALL.. (My sister and MANY of our friends we left behind in VA Beach is going through it now... NOT to mention our little house... *sniffle *sniffle)

X0X0 Always 0X0X,

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  1. Keeping you in my prayers. Living on the Gulf Coast all my life, I've had my fill of hurricanes, so I know what you're about to go through. Keep us posted as soon as you can!


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