Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mom vs. The Public School System

A few months back I took the girls to get tested because I was a little concerned with Luna's Speech, turns out both girls did exceptionally well, and therefor did NOT qualify for preschool.  Much to my surprise, when we arrived back form our trip, there was a letter form the public school system advising me they had been accepted in a peer program.  Apparently they like to have a handful of students to be examples for the others.  (Blushing proud momma here)

Well, I immediately called for an appointment to try and register them, and the night before the appointment Luna was running a little fever, but with a little Tylenol, it went away to never return.  That morning, I made a call.... I decided to keep my appointment.  Thinking that I really need to get in there as soon as possible considering that I have TWO toddlers to accommodate.  As soon as we arrived Luna started whining and complaining that she wanted to go home, but unfortunately I figured she was just bored.

All that whining led to vomiting.  I asked the receptionist for some sort of bucket, and she handed me a paper towel.  A paper towel? Really?
Well as you can guess there was puke everywhere, I had to finally be a bit more specific and ask for her trash can.
At this point I'm a little embarrassed, but I'm guessing something just didn't settle right with Luna's stomach.
We headed to the bathroom and cleaned up.  She said she felt much better.  Upon entering the main office again, I get TOLD, that I NEED to reschedule.  Well, as a Military mom of twin toddlers, I am grateful I MADE it there, and thinking about doing it AGAIN sent chills up my spine. I unfortunately live far from home, and do not have my mom, a friend, a provider, or anyone I can drop the girls off to when things need to get done.  We are not privy to all those luxuries...   Besides, Luna said she felt much better, so I told her I'd like to hold out a few more minutes.

Well, a little bit later, the gremlins decide they need to use the restroom, so I go, and THIS time (I've been there for nearly an hour now waiting for my APPOINTMENT) I was again TOLD I NEED to reschedule.  At my polite protest, the registrant comes out and exclaims her 10 am appointment is already here and she can NOT do 2 kids in 4 minutes.. (How exactly is that MY fault) and then proceeds to ADVISE me that My PLACE is at home with my CHILDREN and NOT there...
Quite honestly I rescheduled and bit my tongue ONLY because I NEEDED something from them (registering my children).  But I left there feeling belittled, humiliated, and quite frankly annoyed.

X0X0 Always 0X0X,

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  1. How rude of them to insist you make another appointment like that! :(

  2. Wow. That is horrible but seems to be every bit of our experiences with public schools. Once my kids were enrolled, they acted like they were the parents and I was just an afterthought, a babysitter at night. We ended up homeschooling instead and their education (and behavior) has improved 20 fold!

  3. BTW, I love your blog! I am a Navy wife too :)


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