Sunday, May 22, 2011

Menu ReVamp Monday

I've been doing Menu plan Monday for a while now, and it's been great, but honestly I have not been able to keep with the menu.  I have started doing LESS cooking.  Although I LOVE to cook, I've found that by REVamping the Menu, I can have dinner on the table everyday, but only cook 3-4 days a week, the rest of the days it's merely TOUCHING UP... Besides... I'll be leaving hubby to his own demise for one WHOLE month in June.. (a SWEET change of pace considering just how MANY deployments I've dealt with.. hehehehehehhehe OK It's EVIL.. I KNOW)... Ok Back to my previous thought.. lol. Since I'm leaving hubby, I plan to stack the freezer so he has meals and doesn't have to live on Ramen and bologna sandwiches for a month.. (=

So, my menu this week will look a little more like... THIS...

    • Thursday................. 
    • Simple Lasagna  W/Meat from Tuesday (Making them in loaf pans so I can freeze 2/  17 of 30 meals done)
    • Bruchetta
    • Saturday..................Free Day
    • Sunday..................... Left Overs

    This should take the guessing out of cooking, save us some money when it comes to groceries shopping, and help me keep to the meals I CAN eat...

    X0X0 Always 0X0X, . . . . . . .

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    1. Yum! These all sound so delicious!

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