Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sly and Slick Sister

As we did our grocery shopping this morning some Jello pudding caught their eye.   K1 started asking for some Vanilla pudding, which just prompted K2 to begin asking for chocolate pudding.  I honestly don't think that they have ever tried EITHER, but I can be CERTAIN they asked for DIFFERENT flavors on purpose.  New phase, but that;s a WHOLE other rant.  Well,  I decided to cave and buy some pudding for the girls.  I generally don't have too many sweets in the house, but I guess I was still feeling a little guilty about the events that happened yesterday (you can read about them here "Mean Mommy").  And the fact that I found the sugar free helped.. 

Well, after nap, our usual snack time came and I decided pudding was appropriate (again probably STILL feeling a little undermined by yesterday).  I take out one vanilla cup and one chocolate.  K2 starts complaining that she does NOT want or like vanilla, and I promptly show her the chocolate cup.  K1 (who had originally asked for VANILLA) says I want chocolate too.  

Can anyone ELSE see WHERE this is going?  


K1 will HELP her sister dispose of the chocolate cups, and when there are only vanilla cups to speak of..... Guess WHICH sister will STILL have pudding? 
Bwahahahahhaahaha EVIL child, I'm on to you !!!!!

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  1. oh yeah, been. there. grocery store rants are so very public. i just want to be like, "holy cow kid. stop! people are staring big time!" you think my 21 month old will get that? ;)

  2. Oh, my goodness, grocery stores and kids don't mix. Been there, done that. Sounds like you dealt with the situation perfectly. I enjoy reading your blog. You are open and honest.~Russo @

  3. following from the hop stop on by


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