Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Mean Mommy"

We have never had a bad experience with the gremlins and doctors, but something had me sitting in the wacko mobile for an extra 15 minutes before unstrapping them to go in.  I can't explain my hesitation, I mean quite frankly the visit wasn't anything I expected to be a BIG deal.  K2 had a small issue with her speech and sounding out the sm, sh, sr sounds but it can very well be totally normal at her age, and K1 still wakes up in the middle of the night every so often complaining about pain in her legs and feet.  I had mentioned this before to their pediatrician, and she thought it may be growing pains, but it's been over 8 months of this occurring, and I thought it was time to get it reevaluated.  

Well, the doc wants to rule out Lyme disease, JOY!!! So, we were off to get our first EVER blood test.

We waited patiently, all the while my baby had no clue.  
We went inside, all the while my baby had no clue.  
We sat on a chair (I had K1 on my lap), and my baby still had no clue.  

As they rubbed her arm, and swabbed it with alcohol, I can see her facial expression change, I can see confusion start to sink in.  I did not have a direct angle to see it face to face, but between what I could see and the expression on her sister's face, it was apparent.  She sees the needle, and looks to me in complete confusion, and as a good mother I reassure her everything will be fine.  But of course I had full faith that the  phlebotomist, and his expertise.  He proceeds to poke my baby, and she screams, she cries, she looks to me to end her pain, her confusion. To me, her mother, who is supposed to protect her, to keep her safe, from PAIN.  It took everything I had inside not to loose it, like I'm loosing it now.  Then I see him pulling the needle out and poking it back in, wiggling it around?  I ask if there is a problem, and he admits this is his FIRST patient ever.  REALLY?  You couldn't have thought to mention that?  To maybe have shown SOME compassion for a 3 year old and her FIRST experience at the lab?  

 I patiently asked for someone with a Little more experience, and quite frankly am surprised I did it politely.  In comes Tech number 2 who proceeds to poke my baby TWO more times with NO luck.  The kicker?   He's mad at HER because she flinched?  COME ON!  In comes tech number THREE, one more poke comes up empty and as he decides to go for another try, I had to put my foot down.  My baby was tired, we were both distraught, and let's not forget K2, who was EXTREMELY confused.  I felt like a traitor, a failure, and useless.. This experience was a MISERABLE experience.  I KNOW she has to have this blood work done, but NOT today!!!

X0X0 Always 0X0X,


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  1. Oh my goodness!

    That's awful!

    I refuse to allow techs to stick me in the arm anymore because they can never find my vein! It hurts as an adult and I can only imagine what it would feel like to a three year old!

    Hands are much easier for techs to find veins!

  2. Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear that. I actually had a tech poke me and move the needle around in circles, inside my body, searching for a vein. It's pitiful that your little sweetie had to go through that.

  3. That's terrible. I feel bad for all of you! I had to say another day to a dentist appt about 6 months ago. I feel your pain.

  4. I would file a formal complaint. A plebotomist should not be practicing on a three year old. End of story, I would be livid, too. Absolutely livid.

  5. This story makes me angry! What kind of idiots are running that place??? OMG, you must have felt so helpless. I'm so sorry that you had this experience.

    Amber Lena

  6. That's terrible! They should never have had a newbie start on a child first of all and I don't see why it took so many picks. Kids veins are usually easier to find. You were right to put a stop to it. Now she's never going to sit still for bloodwork again.

  7. Praying for you.
    I'm following you from the Cup of Joe hop.
    Come check me out when you get the chance.
    Carolina Summer

  8. you have alot of patience girl because after the first 3 tries with the first idiot that would have been it. i remember when i was prego with my second as i was getting contractions i had a similiar experience but after 3 pokes my reflexes and contractions boy justed smacked the nurse who couldnt get the blood out she complained in came the chief of staff and another doctor long story short one try needle went in he got my blood and turned to her and said what was so hard about that mind you i have veins that can be spotted a mile away lol poor baby maybe you need a better pedtrician office for your lil ones. ahh i feel the pain lol

  9. Oh. my. gosh. Seriously, complain - you have to! If that was his first patient ever, he should have been supervised to begin with. And the second bloodsucker (as DH calls them LOL) should have switched arms, so I hope he did so? I am cringing here, your poor little one! :(


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