Sunday, April 24, 2011

Boiled, Colored, Hid, and Hunted.... Now WHAT?

If you are like us, you've boiled a million eggs, you've decorated them, hid them and let the kiddos hunt them down.   NOW?  You are left with a few thousand of them, that although they are PRETTY, they won't keep FOREVER.  

I love hard boiled eggs as much as the next gal, and my gremlins could probably down a dozen all by themselves, but I think after a handful it's time to get creative... SO, what do YOU do with your leftover eggs?  

Here are a few things WE like to do.

  • Egg Salad
  • Deviled eggs
  • Potato salad  
  • Cobb salad
  • Pickle them
  • Scotch eggs

Hope everyone had a fruitful, bountiful Easter!!

X0X0 Always 0X0X,

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  1. Lisa we decided to go with the plastic eggs w/candy inside.

  2. You know - honestly - I have always been AFRAID to actually eat them after coloring them. I keep it to a dozen and use plastic for the rest. honestly - the girls always end up breaking them & hubby just throws them away bc they smell, lol.


  3. yeah we end up throwing out most of ours...


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