Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swim Lessons a Big Belly FLOP!

 I like every parent I think had some expectations, some things I wanted to accomplish, or have them accomplish.  One of them was learning to swim, I KNOW it will NOT happen over night, but at least let's make it HAPPEN.  It wasn't in the cards early on in their development because most classes required a parent PER child and for obvious reasons, I was outnumbered. So, you can imagine my EXCITEMENT when I found a class that offered swimming lessons for toddlers with OUT a parent, once they are 3.  (Insert Happy Dance HERE).. But, you can read all about my excitement HERE, and get up to speed with Star's issues.. HERE

THIS post is about my current DISAPPOINTMENT.. /sigh/

Well, after living for so many years in VA, this whole weather in New England thing is something I'm not sure I'll get used to, especially all the cancellations and delays.  With THAT said.... The girls have only had TWO classes, they won't refund us or let us transfer the credit to another semester because they've done TWO.. (I call BULLSHIT).  Apparently they don't have control of the weather, and it isn't THEIR fault all other classes (5 in TOTAL) have been canceled due to weather.   Well, Honey, I don't control the frakin weather either.. or we'd have 70〫weather with fall foliage up here ALL year long.. But what they DO have a control over and what it is I HAVE an issue with is my MONEY...

 Which by the way I signed them up for a totally DIFFERENT class too, and those have been canceled even MORE often.. /Sigh/ And they claim to NOT know till a few minutes before the class that it's canceled.. NICE.

Don't even GET me started on the HUGE issue last week when I finally have Star pumped up to get in, and both kiddos stripped to bathing suits AND wet when they tell me it's canceled.. LONGEST hour of my LIFE trying to dry and put clothes on TWO screaming toddlers that wanted to go in the pool..

So, we're gonna try this again today.  Hopefully it doesn't cancel again.  I have been pumping Star up hoping she gets in the water this time.  She says she'll only go in if it's with me.. BWAHAHAHA.. So, I have told her that MAYBE, and if she listens to her teacher and goes in the water she can teach ME.  She seems to like that.  It's just a LITTLE white lie right? Heck if it works I'm running with it.  Besides.... There is a Senior Citizen's Aquatic Aerobic class gong on at the same time in the pool..  I'll just put on my bathing suit, and a shower cap and try and blend it.  Don't laugh.. I have MAD ninja skills they won't even know I'm THERE... bwahahahahahha
X0X0 Always 0X0X, . . . . . .


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  1. good luck! That SUCKS - reallyd oesn't seem fair bc you did not get what you paid for. Did you speak to a person higher up? Some times they will at least give you a few extra make up classes or soemthing if you really don't give up!

    Good luck today!


  2. You know....our rec. center is the same way. And I think it's a terrible policy! Have fun at that water aerobics class! LOL!

  3. Hope the swimming lessons went good today. I think it is so important for little ones to be comfortable in the water :) Happy Thirsty Thursday!

  4. Your girls are adorable!
    New Blog Hop Follower //

  5. I'd call bullshit on that too! I've been living in New England for 10 years and those delays and cancellations are maddening!!
    Good luck and Happy Thursday.

  6. New follower from hop along Friday! Bummer about the swimming lessons! I'm in MN, so all our lessons are at indoor pools. No worries about weather cancellations! Check out my blog when you get a chance :)


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