Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Progress??

If you have been following my posts, or us on Facebook, you know we've been having some issues with our swim lessons... (If NOT, you can read more about it HERE. )

 With THAT said, I figured an update was in order.  Today was "Technically" their LAST class, at least for THIS semester.  I was battling with the idea of signing them up again or NOT.  For several reasons.
  1. The cancellations, which I don't expect to get much better because the weather here in New England is not expected to get warm any time soon.
  2. Star not wanting to get in the water.
I decided to try and work with them MYSELF in the pool and I was SURE Star would go in with me, and I can help her get OVER her fear.  I went, I took them, I FAILED.  This child still REFUSED to go in, even with me.  Now I was concerned, I was at a loss, I felt defeated, I was TORN.

I knew it'd be a great opportunity to keep Luna in a swim class, she loves it and is doing marvelously, but to keep Star in was becoming a huge waste of money FAST.  WELL, I figured I'd see it through at least till last week's class before I make my FINAL decision.

Last weeks class, started off pretty much as expected...

Luna LOVING the water, going in on cue, and Star screaming and clinging to the wall like it was her life support.   This time around I could NOT leave, she had me TRAPPED, so I made the most of it. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun to try and convince that child to go in the water, bribery, coaxing, and even threatened her.. (don't judge bwahahahaha).

I reach out to the instructor, because quite frankly, I'm spent... I explained to her that she LOVES the water, beaches, lakes, streams, pools... She's NEVER had any issues with water before, and why NOT going in (even with me) SHOCKED me.  Then, their BRILLIANT instructor suggested heading over to the STAIRS.  We started trying to coax her in slowly step by step, and she was GOING with it.

Then a MIRACLE occured 2 minute before the class ended, and the instructor was saying her good byes.  Star asked to be carried IN.  I was SHOCKED.. Not only did she go IN, but she asked to do it again and again.  I was so excited, I cried.  I ran upstairs and signed them up for next semester...

Today?  She went in with NO coaxing and didn't even want to LEAVE.  I KNOW I did the right thing with signing them up again.  I am soooooo extremely proud of my gremlins.

X0X0 Always 0X0X, . . . . . . .

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  1. YAY! Go Star! See, your persistence paid off - keeping her in there even though it would have been easy to let her stop! She did it on her own terms (as they so often do!) but she did it! Here's to a wonderful next session and a job well done for both Star and her Mama!!! :)

  2. Great job Lisa. It is too bad she went right until the last lesson. She missed out on a lot of fun. Very important for them to learn to swim. I am surprised her sister couldn't get her to join in.Well now you can look forward to the next session.

  3. Congratulations!! I'm glad you managed it finally.

    New follower.

  4. I enjoyed your swimming lessons story. Congratulations, Star!!

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