Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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First and foremost... A huge thank you to my 10 top droppers and all those that take the time to come by whether you just sneak a peek or take the time to enjoy and comment..


Funky Town Disco Music : Sound of 70s Funky Music Soul Music Pop Music Disco MusicGrampys World : children,family,friends,vintage,fun,photosDigital Rebel350 : Digital Rebel 350-Digital Memories Captured With Canon EOS 350 Digital RebelBeadedTail : Pets, jewelry, travel and fun!  My second trial : Philippines, Sri Lanka, Germany, Photos,

The Sewing Mom : First Door on the Left : Nesting Buddy : Magnetic Air : Breathe Better Live Betterthe way I see it :

As promised, for 2011 I will be featuring the top 10 on my site for the entire month. If you're looking for blogs with a little substance and loyal droppers, take the time to visit them... You won't be disappointed... (I haven't been)


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