Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being Human

 I'm absolutely hooked on some of those BBC America shows, kind of like a guilty pleasure.. lol One of my Favs is Being Human.  A show about a Werewolf, Vampire, and a Ghost living together and TRYING to live a NORMAL life.. Totally hooked. Season 1 and Season 2 ROCKED!!!
Well, Syfy sun off an AMERICAN version of Being Human, and at first I was a little peeved.. The whole.. "If it ain't BROKE, don't fix it" mentality, but decided to give it a go none the less.  I HAD to, the fear that they'd cancel out my BBC version, and I'd be stuck high and dry going through my withdrawals cold turkey.  Skeptical as all get up, I started watching it, and as much as I did NOT want to compare the two, I have been doing nothing BUT.

MANY, MANY similarities, and I was very content with the American version... THEN, what popped up on my DVR?? The NEW season of the original... and I'm BACK to being totally TORN...  Now with TWO a week, I find myself with a little bit of an overload, but I can NOT stop... Bwahahahaha

Anyone else watch the shows?? Just wondering if I'm the ONLY weirdo in the blogesphere?

X0X0 Always 0X0X, . . . . . .


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  1. I love the show too! Both the syfy and the bbc america versions are great! I have to DVR them both. lol it is a bit confusing since they both have the same name :)

  2. Lisa,

    I just started watching & am so HOOKED!!! My younger brother told me about it - knowing of my love for vampires and the supernatural! I have never seen the BBC version but I am seriously loving this show! :) It's getting so good - can't wait to see what happens next!


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