Saturday, January 15, 2011

So, what's YOUR personality TYPE??

EH.. Now I'm sick tooo, so, in my horrible attempt to evade my mommy duties today, I'm shluffing off on the Laptop... Bwahahahahahaa... I DID come across this personality test.  I usually don't put much weight into these things, but, this one was short and sweet, and I think it'd be fun to see WHAT it says... Bwahahahaha.. 
If you're interested on joining in on the fun, Go for it.. It's HERE...

I got The Scientist... INTJ..

You have a head for ideas - and you are good at improving systems.
Logical and strategic, you prefer for everything in your life to be organized.
You tend to be a bit skeptical. You're both critical of yourself and of others.
Independent and stubborn, you tend to only befriend those who are a lot like you.

In love, you are always striving to improve your relationship.
You have strong ideas of what love should be like.

At work, you excel in figuring out difficult tasks. People think of you as "the brain."
You would make an excellent scientist, engineer, or programmer.

How you see yourself: Reasonable, knowledgeable, and competent.  When other people don't get you, they see you as: Aloof, controlling, and insensitive

In MY opinion??? Some things are spot on, but others?? Not so much... Bwahahahaha... What did YOU get??? and so YOU agree with your results??

** And if you KNOW me??? What do YOU think about these results... Kinda curious if there is something I'm NOT seeing... (YEAH YEAH.. I know this falls into my personality type toooo. lol)


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  2. Hey Lisa, I love stopping by your blog. Your photos are beautiful but not as beautiful as your little girls. I took the quiz and turned out to be an Idealist. That quiz read me like a book. I posted the full results on my blog and gave you a little shoutout too.

    Check it out here:

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Super nice blog! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop. I hope you'll stop by my new blog and say "hi" and follow me.

    Mary B. (Nuts 4 Stuff)

    Your test was fun.
    I'm definitely not the scientist. I guess I am a combination.

  4. Hello. I am your newest follower. Please follow me back, l really need followers. Thx so much.

    See you there

  5. Your girls are too adorable!!

    New follower from the blog hop!

  6. Ha ha some people take these quizzes as gospel you know!!
    Found you via Saturday Spotlight

  7. Great blog! New follower from the blog hop!

  8. I'm An ISFJ The Nurturer It's pretty dead on. New follower, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Hi, your newest GFC follower from surfin saturday! great blog!


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