Sunday, January 23, 2011

reSolution Sunday wk3

OK.. so, 3 weeks down in 2011... and It's time to come clean, fess up, and see how well we did with our little goals last week...

I've started out with just three...
  • Lose weight.... (my goal is to reach 150... Stop laughing.. lol/// HEY I started out at 299...)
    • 12/31 .... 189.6 lbs 
    • 1/7......... 186.3lbs
    • 1/14....... 185.7lbs 
    • 1/21........ 181.1lbs

  • What I did?  Well, hubby's been diagnosed with high blood pressure so we have cut out red meat, added a lot of veggies, and I have been trying to cook with less salt.  I'm assuming more adjustment WILL be made.. /sigh/ I LOVE food..  BUT, we've gone from eating fast food at least 8 times or more a week (two years ago) to maybe 1 every 2 weeks.. is pretty good, I think..
    We have all been sick this whole week, so NO working out... I can totally see the difference that makes.. /sigh/  ... BUT  We DID recieve the Kinect as a gift and I'm sooooo looking forward to trying out ZUMBA.... Hopefully we'll get back n track next week..

  • Get out of debt... (YEAH RIGHT!!! But I can try to do better, as I've been trying for years, and will for years to come.. Cycle of life.. lol)..
    • I was able to totally pay off ONE more credit card and reduce the interest rate on another to 5%.... Slow and steady, but we'll get THERE.. lol
    • The Budget HAS been made... and we have been able to adhere to it..
    • I've been doing MORE mystery shopper jobs..
    • Smarter shopping and couponing..If you want you can check out more money saving / making ideas HERE...
    • I have been diligently planning my menus.. you can check out of Menu plan Mondays. posts and see our recipes there...  I REALLY should start revising them to the healthier versions we've been using..

  • Be the best mom I can be... (Shouldn't I be doing that ANYWAYS? and for the REST of my life?? ) 
  •  Enrolled the gremlins in a few classes @ the Y they aren't doing as well as I hope, and you can read more about that HERE...
    Have started doing Bento lunches to get them to try new foods... They have been really receptive to this idea... and I find I can usually get them to consume the healthier less received foods this way..(really should post about that.. I know soooo many mommas struggling with picky eaters)

    Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them?

    If you want to participate, feel free to add the badge and link up so others can see how you have accomplished your goals.. We can ALL use some pointers from each other..


    GOOD LUCK!!!!


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