Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

 Meal Plan Monday... Although I have been a big meal planner for years, never thought to actually blog about it... and why the heck not right..

  • Easy Day

    This should take the guessing out of cooking, save us some money when it comes to groceries shopping, and help me keep to the meals I CAN eat... If you'd like the recipe, just click on the LINK.... in case you'd like to join us .. Bon' Appetit...Hope you enjoy!!!!

    For more info, head over to I'm an Organization Junkie, and have a look around...

    Now, Wish me luck... (=

    If you participate in Menu Plan Monday, Feel free to Link UP so we can all share ideas and yummy recipes..

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    1. Following On Networked Blogs. Baked Asian Wings Friday? Delicious!!! Remind me to never stop by your blog hungry again.

      Take care,


    2. I have wanted to do a meal plan for years, and have never gotten around to it. Now that I've recently become a stay at home mom, my husband asked me to put one together, and I'm actually excited about it, lol. Maybe I can snatch some of your ideas :-P

    3. The recipes you chose for this week look wonderful!

    4. Great menu! Especially the Arranitas de Platanos w/ Chimi Burger... sounds yummy!

    5. Ohhh everything looks so yummy! Going to have to try the Crab Ragoons very soon!

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

    6. I agree with Clay, looking at your menu plan is making me hungry! Have a great week :)


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