Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NO one told me THIS!!!

 I have always been old school when it comes to cleaning and the house stuff.. I do pretty much everything the same way my mom does, and as her mom did before her, etc..  It usually takes something really BIG to get me to shift.. (or a BIG epiphany at 3am when I can't sleep and that
's usually followed by a GIANT DUH!!!!).

Today I decided to try the oven's self cleaner mode... Believe it or not.. We've had a self cleaning oven since we moved stateside from Italy in 1996 and I have NEVER used it.  I always did it the old fashioned way, a lot of stinky chemicals, and good ole' elbow grease (till I discovered my baking soda concoction.. YUP a 3am Duh moment.. but it still required a LOT of elbow grease).. I HATE cleaning the oven, I suffer from eczema, and just the THOUGHT of detergents makes me break out...

Well, we've been here several months, and as much as I'd like to avoid using the oven it's been used, and NEEDS a good cleaning.  I didn't have any baking soda or easy off.. so I decided to give this self cleaning a try..

MAN this stinks.. The smell is HORRIBLE, and not to mention here in housing our smoke detectors are WAY sensitive ( I mean this thing goes off when you pass gas), and have been going off all morning..  I swear if my neighbors could see me, they'd DIE laughing.. Every time the stupid alarm goes off you see me STOP what I'm doing and stand under it fanning it with our broom. 

Sad site I tell ya..


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  1. HaHaHaHa!!!!! I thought I was the only one. Tried the self cleaning feature while my parents were staying with us for Christmas and were out on an errand. I'm pretty sure the thing was actually on fire at one point but I couldn't open the door because of the safety lock. NEVER.AGAIN.

  2. I noticed you linked a mud soap from Amazon when you were talking about your eczema. Do you use that soap? And if so, does it help? I have eczema as well and have been looking for a more natural way to help heal my skin (instead of using the prescription topicals that I am on). I'm desperate to find something that works well!

  3. Easy off is not an option for me either. I wouldn't want to have my kids inhale the chemical fumes (yeach!). I have eczema also so I stay far away from any chemical cleaning products... plus it's way cheaper to clean with baking soda and vinegar anyway. I'll take the bad smell of the self-cleaning oven any day... but with a few open windows, I can totally relate to the extra sensitive smoke detectors ;)

    Did you take/make that side-by-side picture? Neat!

  4. That is too funny.The self cleaner does work. You have to have a lot of windows open or a good exhaust fan in the kitchen.

  5. You are not alone! I was convinced a self cleaning oven would not work. Finally my husband used it, and I was amazed! I'm a new follower from Think of Me Thursday :)

  6. The first time I ever heard of a self cleaning oven was when I move to US in 98. Back home in Sweden we never had that. It took me years before I tried it.

    When we lived in Wales we had the same problem with the fire alarm. It went off several times a week when I cooked.

    Thanks for following my blog!

  7. BAHAHAHA! I don't mean to laugh - but broom+smokedetecter=laughing.
    Thanks for following - returning the favor! Good luck tomorrow!! Hope to see you back soon!

  8. Hey. I'm a new follower from Social Parade. Good luck with your surgery!!

  9. Newest follower from Fun Follow Friday! I hope you can stop in and see me!



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