Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We put up our Tree

Our very FIRST tree after we got married was a nice little fake tree we bought in Italy.. I loved my tree....  Once we moved back to the states, Hubby wanted to go back to the more traditional practice of cutting down, or buying a live tree.  Me? I truly could care less either way.. I am a Grinch, I'm a scrooge, BAH HUMBUG.. bwahahahahah So, it wasn't too difficult to just let it happen.... Besides, there weren't many Christmases together anyhow.. bwahahahahaha.. I'd say in the 18 yrs we've been together Hubby and I have maybe spent 10 Christmases together. 

In case you are wondering our little tree is still around and has ROCKED EVERY Christmas since we purchased her... We gave her to my sister and her and the kids get a real kick out it... and this year.. IIIIII won and broke hubby down into buying a fake tree again.. bwahahahahaha Black Friday deal.. NO ONE would have turned it down.. lol

And the Gremlins had a KICK out of putting it up with daddy...

YEAH and the BOX was a hit too.. hahahahahaha

Do you buy a tree every year? Do you put up a fake one? or the new trend of Keeping a LIVE potted Christmas tree year round??


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  1. I've always had a fake tree my whole life so that is what I stick with. I haven't gotten a nice fake tree yet since I have gotten married. I hear there are great deals on them after Christmas. I'm your newest follow from the Tuesday blog hop! I hope you'll come visit and follow me too! Happy Holidays!


  2. sooo cute
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    Thanks :)

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