Monday, December 27, 2010

Showing your Apreciation

So, Christmas is Finally OVER!!! lol..and now it's time to send out the thank you cards. For me, this is usually a little dry.  Not that I'm not appreciative or grateful for the generosity of family and friends, but I have a hard time finding the time.  This year I jumped the gun a little and prepared ahead of time.  I stamped and placed our return address on all the envelopes and pre-addressed the ones I KNEW we were getting gifts from.  Folks like my parents, my In-Laws, Friends, etc.  

 Etiquette rules require that you observe a three-day rule for sending a thank-you note or letter.  But, I believe, it's better to say thank you late than never at all, so don't give up on sending a letter of appreciation later if you feel that this is appropriate.

I finally have all of mine written out and envelopes stuffed, and as soon as I can get to a mail box they will be out...This storm has us snowed in.. lol.. (Probably the MAIN reason it got done so quickly. bwahahahaha)


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  1. ah the vain of my existence Christmas cards... sent out 30 this year received six back.... scrooges lol

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    I'm already an avid follower, and wanted to stop by & wish you happy holidays!

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