Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pimping em' out for an IPad

Soooooo, I decided it couldn't hurt to enter a photo into the Upromise contest... NOW??? Just looking for some votes... YEAH!! I'm Shameles, but PLEASE PLEASE Pretty please vote....


and if you're currently enrolled, feel free to leave me your link in a comment, would LOVE to see the competition, I mean the other entries.. hehehehe



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  1. Merry Saturday blog hop!

    I would be honored to vote for your pic; darling li'l girls! Now I am craving chocolate!

    I am now following you!


  2. your twins are soo cute. I have twin sisters and my mom was a twin plus we have tripletts on my husbands side of the family so I know about multiple blessings!
    Will be glad to vote for your pic
    God Bless, great blog you have

  3. I couldn't figure out how to vote. Lovely twins.


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