Saturday, December 4, 2010

One good deed deserves another....

We don't have any pets... Not that we don't LIKE them, but I just have never been a great "taking care of someone other than yourself" Kind of person.. (see the IRONY there??? Now I have TWINS.. bwahahahah GOD DOES have a sense of humor) also, I HATE cleaning up after them.. Just HATE it... So, my deal with hubby who LOVES animals and has ALWAYS wanted pets was, when he retires (and can be home EVERY day without deployments or duty days) HE can get a pet, and HE can care for it. 

This morning, on our way out, what do I see?  Someone has left us a NICE little present, NO WAIT, HUGE present in our front yard... You guessed it, a LARGE pile of dog poop (you know I waned to say something else)... THIS is one of my biggest pet peeves (NO pun intended...). 

I truly wish I would have seen who did this, I would have saved up a weeks worth of toddler poop (X2) and dumped it on THEIR front yard... It's only fair... Pay it froward RIGHT????


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