Sunday, December 26, 2010

The gift that keeps on Giving

 I have to admit, I think our entire houshold is VERY satisfied with Santa this Christmas.  Althought I MUST admit, there was ONE gift, I didn't even thin of fo myself, but now wish I had.. lol..
We bought Kindles for the in-laws, and as I sat there Christmas evening and helped them set them up, I couldn't help but think to myself.. These are pretty COOL.. So, looks like there may be a Kindle in the near future for us..


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  1. I would love one of those! That seemed to be 'the gift' of the season! :)


  2. Quite a few of my family members got Nooks in early November for a trip to Europe. Those look awesome too. I was kind of hoping for one for Christmas, but instead I got baking stuff (which I love!) maybe for my birthday in a couple months instead!


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