Thursday, December 9, 2010

Frosty and frozen babies

The other day me and the girls were watching Frosty's winter wonderland, the one were he "takes on" a wife.. and I here the Gremlins... and their conversation goes something like this:

K1:  That's frosty's wife?
K2: Yeah
K1: Will they have babies?
K2: Yeah... Snowballs..

Mommy (under her breath... no honey those would be frosty turds.. bwahahahahaha)


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  1. Bwahahaha ha ha ha ha

    That's awesome. Sounds like a conversation in my house...

    Thanks for being a new follower. I don't get many!

  2. Fun blog!! Following from the weekend blog hop.

    Swanky Baby

  3. HA HAHAHAHA. That's hilarious! Kids are so funny! Thanks for sharing. BTW, I'm your newest follower. I found you thanks to Hop Along Friday. I'm getting back into blogging, so I hope you'll follow me.
    Kristen from The Monkey and the Squid

  4. Too funny!! I love listening to my kids having conversations! Merry Christmas.


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