Wednesday, November 24, 2010

natual bridge va

Funny how all those years we lived in Virginia and I've wanted to go to Natural Bridge Virgina and we never went.  Now that we've moved over 700 miles away, I FINALLY get a chance to check it out.

On this last trip home, we decided to take a detour and check out Natural Bridge, Virginia.  I was totally impressed.  We LOVED it, and DEFINITELY need to go back,  (and spend more than just one day) we didn't even scratch the surface of all the things this town has to offer. 
 We drove through the Safari Zoo, and fed the animals...

As soon as you get in the ATTACK your car looking for food.. The looks on the gremlins' faces was priceless..
The Llamas we the MOST pushy.. lol

 This one wouldn't leave us alone till I posed in a picture with her.. GO FIGURE!!!
 This Guy was a little intimidating.. would SOOOO hate to piss him off, and I'm sure my van would not have appreciated it either..
 and then, there was the camel... after that llama, I had refused to open the window on MY side, but my mother felt sorry for this little (he was huge) guy and wanted me to give him a little feed...

 BIG mistake...

 Eventually he was almost ALL in.. eating the snacks off the console... he ate two water bottles... till I FINALLY got him out.. hahahahaha
 The girls really liked this guy... I think it must have been the horns...
 So glad he was too lazy to get up.. not sure I wanted to feed HIM..
 and THESE guys... Ultra ALPHA... the were FIGHTING to get up to the window..

 and there were tons of ostriches too.. had to be careful with these guys.. They pecked so hard you almost lost your bucket.. hahahaha

He was one of the last ones.. we were already out of feed by then... but not sure I would have opened my window for them either..

We explored the caverns,

 and saw a few bats...

and couldn't leave without seeing THE natural bridge... It was breath taking...


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