Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've LOST it!!!!

ONE yr ago I had my life changing event, and can not think of WHY I didn't do it sooner.  For as long as I could remember I had been the husky girl, then the chunky one, then flat out the FAT chick, it was just the way it was.  No matter how hard I tried, or what I did, nothing much changed.  I would diet, exercise, get motivated, lose some weight get excited, and then?  I would stop losing, and we all know what happens next...

The cycle of DOOM!!!!  I would get depressed, then eat because I was depressed, gain weight because I binged, then be depressed because I gained, and ate because I was depressed, and so on and so on..
I was addicted to my food, quite frankly I would plan meals days in advance, and EVERYTHING revolved around when and WHAT I was going to eat... AND BOY did I LOVE to eat.  I had a special relationship with food, I called it being a "Picky " eater, but NAH!!! That's not really it... The way I always had a "Special" way of eating the things I really enjoyed.  To be honest, I still stand by the fact that I didn't eat large portions, it was more the things I chose to eat, and how often I ate.  I could chow like it was my last meal, and eat again 15 minutes later, not even being hungry, but being completely unable to say "NO".  It was food, I KNEW it was going to be delicious, so I HAD to eat it... and if it was junk food, it was ON!!!
My husband was always trying to lose weight, eat healthy, and I admired his will power, but I think I also hated him for it.  I was his saboteur.. My poor enabling hubby, I would be a totally BITCH when he was dieting and miserable (you'd think it was ME  NOT eating). 

Then one day two summers ago, my gremlins (1 1/2 then) started saying "I'm Hungry" or "French fries" EVERY time we passed those golden arches, and it HIT me... Like a HUGE ton of bricks...
I'm miserable being fat, and I'm taking them down my miserable path WITH me? I KNOW misery loves company, but my love for them was greater, I had to access my direction, divert my path or RUIN them forever.  I could not live with myself, if I broke the gremlins..
It was time to do SOMETHING, for them , for my beaten husband, for ME!!!!


I've lost 110lbs (that's like TWO super models right??)

can cross my legs
don't fit in my clothes
down 6 sizes
weigh less than 200lbs
weigh less than my husband
smile more
cook everyday
can go a whole day without a nap
make health decisions
have energy
don't mind pictures so much
Eat veggies
don't yell as much
can keep up with TWO 3 year olds
don't miss the Big Mac
STILL LOVE FOOD, but have a MUCH healthier relationship with it..

This my before... I'm the one on the left... bwahahaha (In case there was a doubt)

and this is me one month ago.. I'm the one in the middle.. (WISH I could say I was as skinny as the birthday girl on the right.. bwahahahaha)


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  1. And, you look ridiculously FABULOUS, Lisa! I'm so proud of you! :-D

  2. Hi!

    I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Hope you will stop by and consider following me back!

    You look amazing! What an awesome accomplishment, you should feel proud :-) Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  3. Congratulations!! You are such a blessing to those like me who need to lose weight. I have about 90lbs to lose and will start my journey on Friday! Excited to be able to see a change in my body. Way to Go! I'm so proud of you!

  4. You look sooo good :) Good for you for actually doing it!! Congrats!

  5. You look fantastic! Good for you!!! And it is great that you are truly able to do so much more and feel so much better!

  6. Just stopping by to say hi and thanks for following me. I'm already following you. Have a great day!

  7. I love your list of what you CAN do now!!! Also that your girls inspired you to better health...Wonderful!
    Do you exercise too?

    newest follower from Tuesday's hop

    come on over to my place

  8. Congrats on the loss! You look amazing!!

    Found you through the Follow Me Back Tuesday blog hop and am now following you!


  9. AWESOME! Congratulations! I have lost about 85 pounds since February and still going strong. I've lost 5 sizes. I have about 3 more sizes to go to get where I want to be. My goal is to be able to shop in any store and pick up anything off the rack and have it in my size. A daunting goal, since Old Navy is my favorite place to shop and I've been relegated to shopping online only because they don't have the plus sizes in stores. I actually think I may be able to shop in an Old Navy store by the new year because their clothes seem to run a bit larger. I can't wait! Isn't it awesome being able to find more stylish clothes? Congrats again!

  10. Congrats! What an awesome accomplishment for your health and confidence. :)

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    Congratulations on your accomplishment!

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  14. What an amazing accomplishment.

    Stopping by to say Hi from FMBT. I am already your follower.


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  16. Thanks so much for the follow. I'm following you back. You are a true inspiration!
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  17. Hello Blog Hop friend ... good for you!
    I worry all the time about the eating habits I give my kids or the issues I pass over to them about weight.
    You look great and healthy ... and happy!
    Congrats xxx

  18. HI, I am following you from Wandering Wednesday. Youre girls are so cute. I hope you have a good day!


  19. I'm blog hopping this morning and thought I'd visit. Happy Thursday . . .

    WOW, what an accomplishment . . . I know you feel so much better and you look fabulous. Now you can be my inspiration!

    Have an awesome day . . . Gina


  20. I am a new follower! Congrats on the weight loss. momofwildones.com


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