Monday, November 22, 2010

I want my cake, and I want to EAT it toooo

We had been having a bit of a problem with the DVD player in the van, and our dealer had offered to replace instead of just repairing it.. SWEET!!! Especially since the warranty is due to expire next month.  SO, I decided to take a trip home for my birthday and kill two birds with one stone.

Glad to report the DVD player is working marvelously and my birthday was GREAT!!! I missed my husband, and quite frankly, having him there would have made it PERFECT, but it sure was nice to see my family again.  I know I've only been here in New England for 5 months (WOW I actually JUST counted it out on my fingers, and don't know WHAT'S sadder, the fact that I used my fingers, that it's been THAT long, or that I'm STILL not done unpacking... ).. OK where was I? Oh yeah only been here for 5 months, but I miss them terribly..

The kicker of the day was a strange phone call I got in the afternoon asking me where I lived??? I was totally confused since I wasn't sure if they needed my old or new address... but anyhow... my hubby surprised me with flowers... FLOWERS!!! OK so, it doesn't take too much to impress me.. but although you may think flowers are cliche.. (I DO) the card made up for it.

My dear wonderful husband is a man of few words.. (think Puddy from Seinfeld... bwahahaha) but when he puts pen to paper, it's a sweet, sweet symphony... and in the evening my family surprised me with cake....

 THE funniest card EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

 OOPS!!!! Dropped the cake...

does it really surprise you???

SOOOO Sue me, I wanted my cake and to EAT it toooo...

you should have KNOW it would lead to THIS...


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