Saturday, November 20, 2010

3 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge!!!

DAY 17 of 21~ In-Laws

When Hubby and I started dating it was quite a shock to everyone, but no one was more shocked than HIS family.  I digress.. We had your typical boy meets girl, girl hates boy, boy loves girl, girl hates boy, boy won't take no for an answer, girl finally gives him a break, and the rest is history... So, you wonder why it was such a shocker for his folks?

We were stationed in Italy at the time, and once we started dating we got engaged a month later.  This didn't give him a chance to let them know he had a girlfriend before he called to tell them he was getting married.  Needless to say our first meeting was during said phone call.  His mother (an angel) was the sweetest, kindest, most understanding woman I had eve met, but his father ?  Well, let's put it like this, the SECOND I hung up that phone my first words were.. "Your Dad is an ASSHOLE".  (His dad and I STILL kid about THIS)... I must say this man is a Teddy Bear, and he is NOT an a-hole... (but don't tell HIM i said that... )..

I honestly love, LOVE my in-laws.  They have accepted me with open arms, and truly have made me feel like FAMILY. I have been blessed with an amazing second family, and I ADORE my in-laws.  Today is my mother-in-law's birthday... Happy Birthday Mom!!! and as you are reading this, I am probably there and having a GREAT time with my FAMILY!!!

I am grateful for the best in-laws in the world.

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