Friday, November 19, 2010

3 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge!!!

DAY 16 of 21~ Chaos

I am a lover of organization.
I am a lover of lists.
I am a lover of planning.
I am a lover of scheduling.
I am a lover of structure.
and ALL of that flew OUT the window on November 06, 2007....

NOTHING is organized anymore.
I make lists, but LOSE them.
I TRY to plan, but something ALWAYS goes wrong.
I TRIED to make a schedule but have more TO DO than hours in the day.
The ONLY structure in my house IS the house.

and I am grateful for the CHAOS that is my life with TODDLERS....

What are YOU grateful for???

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  1. Love the post! Very cute! Those are two great reasons to be thankful!

    Thanks for hopping with us for Mommy Madness. I'm following you and hope you'll follow back. Thanks for the linky for the hop too! :D

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh...your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! TWINS! I cannot imagine. God Bless you!

    I am your newest follower from Freaky Friday and would love a follow back on my review and giveaway blog, "In My Opinion...". Here is the link:

    I do have several blogs, but this one is where I am looking to get followers. Thanks so much!! :)

  3. I'm now following you through Home Grown Families Friday Blog Hop. I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @

    Sofia's Ideas

  4. Great post! So very true, and I feel the same way!


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