Saturday, October 2, 2010


I FINALLY found some plantains in this god forsaken town. **Sigh of relief**  Or should I rephrase. I found some GOOD plantains, and they did not cost me a dollar a piece.  Coming from a town, where there was a prominent Latin, Asian, Caribbean influence, I could find them for 4-10 for a dollar depending on how far I was willing to drive.  Here, I've only found them for a dollar a piece, and they were neither Green nor Yellow... Not GOOD!!!

Personally, I like them green, although the yellow ones are sweeter.  Being that I am Dominican, I grew up on Plantains, I could honestly eat them 3 times a day EVERY day for the rest of my LIFE.. I guess Plantains are to us, what Potatoes are to Americans...

Have you ever tried Plantains?  

In case you haven't and are Curious, here are a few of my favorite recipes.... Hope you enjoy....

  • Mangu (Dominican style mashed Plantains)

    I'm sure there are a dozen more ways to make, eat and enjoy this delicious beauty... would love to hear how YOU like to eat it...

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    1. I LOVE plantains! Thanks for the recipes! I usually just make them into chips. I could eat them all the time too. Maybe I *should* have been Dominican! ;)

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