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I've been having the reoccuring dream lately about wearing glasses.  Now, thid probably wouldn;t stand out so much, except that we always joke aout the fact that I don't wear or need them. Now, everyone in my famil wears glasses, and I think I read somewhere that if your parents both need glasess it is very likely that by the time you hit 30 you will too.. (I guess I fall on the other sside of THAT statistic).

Well, This dream sticks to me, and I can't shake it all day.  I find myself not being abe to see at all unless I am wearing glasses.. As soon as I take them off, everything becomes unbearably foggy and blurry.  Well, I took a moment today to look into th meaning....

When we dream of glasses, optometrists, eye exams, contact lenses, and just about anything else related to the eyes, our subconscious mind is letting us know that we need to “open our eyes” and “see” something that we’re missing.  This thing, which is partially hidden to us is something we’re aware of but are trying to sort of sweep under the rug.
An example:  A mother of a 4 year old knows that she has to make him stop sucking his thumb.  She knows that kindergarten is around the corner and that the other kids could potentially make fun of him.  However…. he’s her baby!  So she tries not to think about the glaring truth.  In her sleep, her subconscious mind can finally get through to her without any protests – it has her where it wants her, quiet and unable to move away!  When she dreams of buying a new pair of glasses, the glasses are a dream symbol – symbolic of her SEEING what’s right in front of her.
 The fact that everything is so fantastic in the dream when the glasses are on would indicate that what you are failing to “see” is extremely important especially when you contrast the great feelings with the gloom and doom when you take the glasses off!  In all  honesty, I believe that what you are trying not to see may be of vital importance and should be dealt with as soon as possible.
It sounds like the issue is huge and your subconscious mind is well aware of the fact.

VERY interesting!!! Now, if only I could narrow it down... I'm a MOM or better yet, a SAHM, that warrants me a NUMEROUS amount of things I KNOW I should be doing or taking care of and DO NOT!!!! Bwahahahahaha

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