Monday, October 18, 2010

Dealing with the Sickness

I really hate it when the sickness hit our house.  As I'm sure everyone can agree with me, it just plain ole' sucks... That empty feeling of helplessness that creeps in as you realize you really CAN'T make it all go away.  (not to mention the puking, the whining, the worrying.. Oh MY!! )

Well, it all started Saturday with us... Luna started getting sick on our way to the in-laws, just glad I was quick enough to get a cup to her mouth till hubby could pull over.. She hasn't been right since... Although I am grateful there has NOT been any fevers, I'm fearful Star and I are next.  I can already feel it coming.. Unless I;m mistaking it with shear exhaustion... lol.. Funny how related the two are.. you feel like crap either way. 
 SOOOOOO, I've been making teas and soups for the past two days and they seem to be holding her over.. No dehydration,and she's been keeping it down.. She wasn't particularly fond of the Malagueta (Allspice) Tea, but she DID like the ginger Tea, Chamomile Tea, Mint Tea, and believe it or not... The Garlic soup..

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow...

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  1. I can't imagine two sick kiddos at a time...although my little one plus my husband may count :) Hope everyone feels better!

  2. I firmly believe that Stash Lemon Blossom tea has healing and preventative properties. For sore throats and coughs, a little added honey is nice, but it tastes pretty good unsweetened, too.

  3. @ Rachel... That TOTALLY counts.. lol.. and @ Jennie C.. I will have to look into that.. now that I know the chicklets will drink TEA.. lol..

  4. OH man..NOT cool. I'm a germaphobe and fall apart when anyone gets sick. Hope everyone is on the mend soon. XO


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