Monday, August 9, 2010

Sick Babies=Sad Momma

This past weekend we headed up North to visit the in-laws, and take the gremlins to the fair.  We had a marvelous time there, we always do.  It is great to watch the girls interact with their grand parents.  I wholeheartedly believe, family interaction is a key factor in healthy development, and helping kids in future relationships.  So, we try to incorporate family as much as we possibly can. 
On our way home Luna started getting sick in the van.  What a horrible feeling as a parent to watch your baby go through this.  I immediately jumped to the back to assist her.  Not much you can do in a moving vehicle, but did the best I could to try and make this incredibly uncomfortably situation a little less stressful for her.  My heart was breaking for her.  I asked my husband to please pull over as soon as he possibly could safely.
He exited on the next exit off the highway.  My poor baby was miserable, and mommy was frantic.  I know it probably is no big deal, and I just MAY be a little over dramatic, but I absolutely HATE when my babes are not HAPPY.  I start cleaning my baby up, as best I could, but I really needed to get her out of that filthy car seat and those wet clothes. 

I'm getting a little frustrated.. Why haven't we STOPPED yet?? I see a gas station, several fast food joints.. and all of this as we PASS them!!!!
  • Me:"What's Up?"    
  • Hubby: "I'm looking for a good spot." 
  • Me: "I just saw a BUNCH of GOOD spots."
  • Hubby: "I'm looking for the right spot."
  • Me: " You mean the one with the sign that reads "Stop HERE if your child has just puked a Small Lake in your vehicle?"
  • Hubby: I'm stopping now"
He of course pulls into a POST OFFICE parking lot.  God bless his soul.. REALLY?  THIS is your RIGHT spot.. (It's Sunday, and closed.. Not that that would have really made a huge difference.)  In my mind, a place with a BATHROOM so we could wash up, wash our hands, etc.. and not to mention a TRASH CAN so that we didn't travel the rest of the way home with a trash bag full of puke, and pukey wipes... 

Must admit though.. Motherhood HAS cured me of being a Sympathy puker.  I'd say about 3 yrs ago, something like this would have happened, and the van would have had one more SICK person in it..
But, It is what it is...

I got my baby all cleaned up as best as this momma could, and the van and car seat too.. Pulled out some jammies from our travel bag and changed my little gremlin like new.. (THERE WILL BE A BATH IN STORE WHEN WE GET HOME!!!)

I honestly don't get it..

By the time we got home, my gremlin was running a slight fever, so it was bath, medicine, and bed time.

All this momma could do was back track the ENTIRE weekend as to WHAT could have caused this, and have come up EMPTY!!!

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  1. Sometimes, it just happens. Up until a few years ago, one of my children would get sick in any kind of moving vehicle. Planes, trains, automobiles, and even a tram and a bus. :-) It'll pass, and all will be well, and in a few more years, when you've got all this mommying experience and you've morphed into Laid Back Mama, you'll laugh at things like this. Promise.


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