Saturday, August 21, 2010

Little Looster Review

The Little Looster- A Booster for the Loo

Image was borrowed from the Little Looster website.

About the company:

Little Looster  was brain child of Monica Mylet, a mother of 3. She thought up the design through the parenting of 3 kids and their potty training process. I am so grateful to Monica for sharing this with us, and giving me and the Gremlins the opportunity to try one out.

About the product:

It promotes:
  • Comfort:  It helps support little legs that still can not reach the ground.
  • Confidence: With the "All Around" concept, kids feel safer, there is more room to maneuver.
  • Cleanliness:  Kids can sit hands free with out touching the germ infested lids or rim.
Image was borrowed from the Little Looster website.

 I really liked the fact that it went all the way around the toilet or "hugged" it.  The girls were a little skeptical at first, but they came around.  They tend to get up facing the toilet, THEN turn around, so this was totally NEW to them. I really liked the fact that since it wraps around the base of the toilet, there is no fear of it moving while they are on it or slipping right from under them.  SECURITY? check..  Also, although their little legs don't quite reach the Little Looster while they are on the toilet, I can totally see where the benefits and comfort issues come into play, it's a little taller that the average step stool too.  COMFORT? check.  We also use it around our sink, which made the gremlins washing their hands a TON easier... I think I "heart" our Little Looster...
The only thing I had a small issue with was the fact that it WAS uncomfortable to use the toilet as an adult with the Little Looster in place... (Must admit though, It MAY have just been ME.. It is less bulky than the average step stool, and sticks out LESS... But those bug me too, I usually kick them out of the way.. My Husband thinks I'm nit picking, because he swears there is NOOOO problem.. lol) Solution?  We placed it in THEIR bathroom, instead of the common bathroom the family uses regularly.  The GREAT part about that?  They liked the Little Looster  so much, they had NO issues with heading upstairs to use their OWN bathroom which meant we could ditch the potty ring downstairs TOOOOO..


I don't have to STOP everything I'm doing because Hubby or I FORGOT to put the step stool BACK in front of the toilet and now have 2 screaming toddlers that they need MOMMY to take them to the potty..

BIG thumbs UP!! for Little Looster ...

Buy it!
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  1. Sounds like something I wished I'd had when my own kids..and even the grandkids..were learning to potty.
    I'll have to pass the information on to any of the kids that are still thinking about 'adding on'.


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