Monday, August 9, 2010

The circus

 We took the gremlins to their first circus this weekend.  The carnival itself was small, they didn't seem to mind, as it is, there are only SO many rides my little gremlins can ride anyhow.  The circus was a small Mom and Pop circus, but they LOVED it. You know the ones where the acrobats are a family of 3 or 4 and also do the face painting, the announcer is the owner and his wife runs the concession stand and has an act.

OH yeah and their ONLY clown was a teenage boy with silly make up who also ran the pony rides.. I was a little disappointed, I expected the full clown make-up, and silly antics.. but it is what it is right?  I do have to give them credit though, they put on a good show.  It wasn't Barnum and Bailey, but it was very entertaining. 

The finally was AMAZING.  The aerial swing display was breathtaking.  Of all the acts, this one really hit me hard.. lol..

As I watched her, twist and turn in and out of that rope, swinging back and forth, she was graceful.  That smile never wavered.  You could see the pure sense of enjoyment in her face.  The freedom. 
The freedom spoke to me. 
Not because I feel trapped or anything. There is honestly nothing to read into this, I promise, but it's almost that feeling where you live THROUGH someone elses' experience.
I honestly think I shed  a tear.

Then the girls road their first ponies.

They weren't extremely THRILLED, to say the least.. hahahaha
So, we headed for the roller coaster, I was so excited.

They have been on little coasters before and absolutely loved them.  NOT THIS ONE..

So, am I a bad mommy cause I CRACKED up the entire time.. Yup, my poor divas feared for their lives, and this momster thought it was HILARIOUS...

Then I decided it was time to wind things down, and treated them to the bumper boats.. YES!!! a BIG success..

But, I was not very surprised, ther ARE the spawn of to Naval Boatswains Mates.. hahahaha

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  1. Sounds like fun, even though the circus was long as the kids enjoyed it right?! I took my boy on the carousel one time and he was cried and hated it. But, the funny thing is he loves other stuff that go around and around such as the Himilaya!

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. The girls also. Even a little circus is always fun.


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