Monday, August 16, 2010


Today was a busy crazy day.  It seems that with the gremlins having been sick lately, I attepmted yet AGAIN to degerm the house.  We opened all the windows, to circulate the ait, disinfected all the bathrooms, and surfaces, and stripped all the beds.  Laudry has never been my friend, but this was ridiculous...

Also, my girls love Beefaroni, but I don;t really like giving them all those additive often, so, momma made some homemade Beefaroni this afternoon, and I'll be placing the left overs in little single serve containers and freezing it for other days..

On a lighter note, I DID take advantage of a little time while they napped and made them some Jell-O.  Thought it'd be a nice surprise for snack today when they got up.. It was received with smiles, giddy dancing, and a lot of "MORE?"  hahahaha I think we'll be making more SOON..

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  1. Love the jello idea. Seeing smiles and dances after naptime is worth more jello!!

  2. Yes, I have found that Jello does wonders for the little ones. Especially if it is in individual containers.


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