Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Will this work??

We had decided BEFORE the gremlins were born, that the plan was to have them sleep in their own cribs... That all STARTED well... We bought 2 cribs.. set them up BEFORE they were born..

Brought them home and they slept in a bassinet...


When they outgrew THAT, we moved them into a Moises basket...


THEN??? All went to crud.. lol.. and Mommy brought them into bed with her...


and we LOVED it..


Co-Sleeping was great...   and when we ran out of room on our family bed?  we bought a BIGGER bed.. hahaha


Unfortunately, the girls were taking over (NOT sharing) the bed, and there wasn't anything BIGGER to upgrade to, other than throwing a bunch of mattresses on the floor, and don't think I didn't entertain the thought.. hahahaha..  But we even had bed rails set up.. NOT to keep the girls from falling off the bed, but to keep my husband and I from having the PUSH us off in the middle of the night.. hehehe

SOOOO I figured it was time to settle them in to their BEDS.. //sniff sniff//

First thing we did after the movers brought our stuff was convert those cribs (that have NEVER been slept in) to toddler beds.. //Tear *//

33995_1342597369629_1372071428_3088.jpg picture by peekab00o
and they have slept in them EVER since... I don;t think they've figured out they can get out and walk to our room yet.. hehehe

Now, if only I can get them to wake up DRY!!! lol..

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  1. How cute! Thanks for visiting my blog. Our twins are still in one crib (we already had it from our oldest), but they are starting to roll around now, so we're debating what to do...

  2. That was so cute. Love the Bassinet and of course the trick everyone seems to fall for. The old take me to your bed routine.
    The twins bed is so cute.

  3. They are so lovely! I am your new follower. Great blog. YOu can visit me at

  4. your twins are so cute, and your post is sooo very true, kids always seem to take over our bedrooms and we know that they should learn to sleep on their own, but it's sometimes difficult to let go...

  5. Hi! Newest follower here. Your daughters are beautiful!



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