Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TOT Wednesday

Take Out The Trash Wednesday

Today is trash day in the neighborhood, and figured there are STILL some things that really need to go out, that didn't fit in my receptacles...

So, I'm starting a NEW bin.... and in it, I'm placing...

  1. Some clutter, that really needs to GO!!
  2. Depression.. It's been really hard for me being away from home...
  3. Road Rage... It really isn't healthy, and MINE is soooo out of control..
  4. This rain... I KNOW the environment needs it, but today?? I can do without it...
  5. My procrastination...(self explanatory.. hahahaha)
  6. Laundry... (don't wannnnnnaaaaaa do it ANYMORE)
well, there's still room for more... anything YOU might wanna add?? feel free..... and don't be surprised if the same stuff keeps appearing in later weeks... these darn things find a way of coming back.. but at least for this week, I've clear up A BIT!!!!

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  1. The rain?? You have RAIN??? I'm throwing away this awful summer heat we have had DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY OF!!!! Bleccch!!! :-P

  2. Well, Carole.. It looks like we can freecycle here.. hahaha You take my rain and I'll take a little of your heat..

  3. I'm thinking the humidity...and Telemarketers....and my attitude this morning.....

  4. I will put the rain in the trash too! I am so sick of rain. We are to get more rain tomorrow and I swear we are in the bullseye for the heavy rain. Sigh.....

  5. I am adding our humidity. Enough is enough. Love the look of your trash cans.I'll be over to pull out some of the rain the ladies deposited.

  6. I am adding the humidity and heat. I, too, love getting in the water and can't wait until my girls are old enough where I can take them for a dip in the water in this heat...but for now, I am waiting for Fall to arrive!


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