Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quarantine Day II : The Weeds

The girls seem to be doing pretty well, OR they have a high tolerance for pain (like their mama). I've been giving them 2 doses of Tylenol a day, and the haven't really been complaining.. I AM keeping to Dr's suggestions. PLUS a Little honey, for the canker sores. (Honey is a natural antiseptic and they LOVE it.. woot woot).  Another day quarantined to the house, and I had to come up with SOMETHING to keep the gremlins busy...

We've been here a month now, and these weeds are driving me CRAZY!!! Since we couldn't go out and play with other mini  people, I decided to tackle the front yard. 

The gremlins had a BLAST!!! What is it about kids and DIRT??? They helped (or unhelped if that is a word) pull weeds, they followed ants around, and must have pulled at least 25 worms from the soil... 

AND.... For a Small 6' sq area we got a FULL plastic bag of weeds.. 

(I know my family is probably keeling over right now as they are reading this, because I DO NOT do gardening... hahahhaha)

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