Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New England Adventure Take 1

So, yesterday we received news that my Aunt had passed away... So, as much as I felt icky inside.. We had an appointment I did not want to cancel.. So, I got the gremlins ready and WE headed out to Massachusetts.. Hubby exclaimed that this was only about a 45 minute/ hour MAX trip.. WRONG!!! It took us over an hour and a half to get there... and WHY?? you ask ?? WELL, this was where we were to meet with our photographer.. I wanted to have the girls' picture taken.. //sigh// BUT had absolutely NO idea it'd be THIS ridiculously far.. hahaha

The Photo session went well, don't think I'll go back.. Not only because of the distance, but "J" did NOT impress us too much.. But we did get a FEW good ones in.. Here's a peek....

Well, after the photo session, I still felt kind of icky.. (not to mention... It takes A LOT of work to get these two comfortable with a stranger and even get them to smile.. GEEESH).. Normally, when I felt under the weather I would always head for the water.. Something about the warm sand on my feet, the smell of the ocean, and that lulling song of the waves.. It was comforting to me.. I'll tell you what.. My Beach has washed away many tears, and listened to many screams and cries... That was my refuge when my husband was gone on those long deployments.. So, naturally, I went in search of an Ocean yesterday..

HEY, We're in New England.. There has to be a beach SOMEWHERE right?? I googled, and found Narragansett Beach.. Put it in my trusty GPS, and we were off.. Perfect. The Gremlins would take a nap, Mommy gets a little peace and quite, and once they wake up.. SURPRISE!! Win Win Right??

First off.. This wonderful GPS took me ALL over the place.. I will admit I did drive through some AMAZING scenery.. I had forgotten how amazingly beautiful the foliage is up North.. I never realized I missed the trees till NOW.. (BUT miss MY beach MOOORRREEEE)..

My favorite (buckle yourself in there's a hint of sarcasm there in case you didn't pick it up)... My FAVORITE part... This was my conversation with the GPS..

GPS: Turn slight right on to RT you are screwed..
Me: I guess right here?
GPS: Start scrambling for change cause you are about to cross a toll bridge..
Me: WTH?? There HAS to be a LAST EXIT BEFORE TOLL sign..
GPS: NOPE.. hahahahahah You came IN on that one.. (laughing uncontrollably)
Me: You KNOW I hate you.. I NEVER carry cash.. well, I'll have to humbly apologize and then U-turn BACK over the water...
GPS:  I LOVE to watch you gravel..
ME: F OFF GPS.. I have 3 quarters, and I'm sure I can scramble up a dollar.. how much could this long lovely bridge With the view of a light house and tons of sailboats (did I mention LONG) bridge be.. (gulp.. Knowing it wasn't anywhere NEAR $1.00)

**SIGN... READS... $4.00**
and theeeeennnnn I seeeee it.. My husband's WALLET.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have cash PPLEASEEE..

Yup 3 bucks.. ** sigh of relief..**

Me:Ha suck it GPS..

We finally make it to the "Beach"

HOLY COW.. There were SOOOOO many people.. kinda looking for somewhere a little more private.. hahaha but it WAS pretty up there.... Not to mention.. parking was like $10.00 WHAT??? NOT!!!! Have I mentioned I miss MY beach?? 5 minutes from my house.. no more than 1 of those minutes to walk from car to water, FREE parking, AND not PACKED... But, I'd like to come back to enjoy the town... It was very beautiful there...

sooo, I settled for a local beach close to home.. hadn't been there yet, but the girls were up, and I didn't want to go home..

It served IT'S purpose.. a filler to entertain the girls.. It was more like a lake.. not a single wave.. no sound of the Ocean.. no sweet smell of salt water.. It DID have it's own peculiar smell though... More like a fish market... Is that NORMAL up here??

The Gremlins had a good time though.. and it was a bear trying to get them back in the car.. hahaha I guess they miss the water as much as Mommy does...
We'll keep hunting.. NO WAY I can live here for 2 years+ and NOT find an acceptable beach.. Am I asking tooooo much?? hahahaha

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  1. You kind of have to know your way around a good MA beach scene. They are huge money makers and it is never cheap to go to the beach. Your only real option is to live on it, or in the town as a good beach so you can park free. $10 is actually cheap for beach parking! $25 is the average!! When we venture out of Boston it is to the pond, not the ocean. Not worth it yet. And if we do feel the itch for the ocean, it is often worth the drive to go up to NH or Maine. Glad the kiddos had fun though!!


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