Monday, July 5, 2010

I saw it @ the Drive-in..

OK, so I HAVE jumped on the Twilight ban wagon.. lol.. Been riding it for years now.. and the release of Eclipse kinda hit at a bad... scratch that.. in appropriate time.. hahahaha..

We just moved, and unfortunately didn't pack my momma, who USUALLY watches the gremlins for us when we decide to take a little mommy and daddy time..

 Drive_in.jpg DriveIn image by KindleBrassMan

We found a solution.. We found a Drive-in theatre less than 45 minutes away... I haven't been to a
 drive-in since I think I was 4, so I was totally excited.. I packed a bag, packed some snacks.. Lowered the back seats in our swagger wagon, and loaded the back with blankets and pillows.. The gremlins were excited as well... Although we may NOT be at the "Are we THERE yet?" stage, we have hit the "Where are we GOING?" stage.. hahahaha So, mommy told them we were headed to a pajama party.. and listened to "Happy Birthday to you" sang ALL the way there.. hehehe

We had dinner once we arrived, and changed the gremlins in to PJ's while we waited for the movie to begin... Luckily, they crashed within the first 15 minutes.. and we got to enjoy it in silence...

Eclipse was a good movie, not GREAT, but good... Honestly, I LOVED the books, once I was DONE with them.. But, the movies?  They're good to see the characters form the stories I loved come to life, but I don;t think that if I hadn't read the books, I'd enjoy the Twilight Saga..

Team Edward? Team Jacob?  Blah Blah Blah... To me, Edward as the romantic has amazing qualities, but although Meyers has put an interesting spin on Vampires in general here, Edward started boring the hell out of me by New Moon.. and I blame Bella.. lol.. she just became ANNOYING.. Jacob? I feel pity for that boy is all.. BUT I would LOVE a werewolf as a pet... Can't go wrong.. a dog that bathes it's self and cleans up it's own poop?? not to mention all the money I'd save in the winter on heating..

eclipseJust my 2cents.. Worth watching!!!

Plea to Meyers??? Would LOVE an expansion on the Life pre-Vamp of Jasper, Alice, or even OMG just had a total brain fart and can't remember.. Carlisle.. yeah.. Carlise... I think the taste she gave us in the series had me SUPER intrigues, and would love more..

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