Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hair today Gone tomorrow???

I've always debated back and forth on the long hair, short hair issue.. Would love to have beautiful long hair, but not the case in my reality... hahaha

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I like the low maintenance of the short hair, and have had short hair most of my adult life.  BUT, it never fails... After a while with short hair, I start longing the long hair (no pun intended I SWEAR)... Then I go through the wait it out, grow it out stages... /BLAH/  and this is where I truly struggle.. hahaha... Since, I'm neither here nor there, I seem to be on the fence as to whether to just bite the bullet and get another cut, or W-A-I-T it out.. I'm not a very patient gal you know...

I'd absolutely LOVE this cut..
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Unfortunately, when I DO grow it out, I remember all the reasons I cut it in the FIRST place.. My hair is fine, and thin, and curly... this combination is as attractive as baby blue polyester bell bottoms, a hot pink ruffle shirt (preferably SILK) and a peacock feather fedora.. TOGETHER... can you imagine it?? Have you pictured it?? Did you shudder at the thought.. hahahaha

YES it really IS THAT bad.. lol..

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SO, I cut it.. and it's a bit more manageable..

AND, here I am again, in wonderful Hair limbo, thinking and trying to decide if I should find a new hairdresser (we just moved for those that have recently tuned in) orrrrr... Go for the gold and MAYBE just maybe THIS time it'll be different.. I COULD miraculously grow out say... Jennifer Aniston type hair... Just MAYBE RIGHT???

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  1. Funny, I have been the same way the past few days! I have had my hair short for a while now and I am kind of ready to grow it out. I think I am going to go for it and try growing it out and if I get tired of trying...well at least I tried!

  2. i have fine thin hair...and the only "curl" to it is an annoying flip where I don't want it to flip.

    I stick with a medium cut, but adore that short one you posted!


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