Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bed Time

I'm currently downstairs cleaning up after supper, and I can't help but to giggle out loud.. (Yeah I'm taking a little break, cause If I DON'T write this down now, I NEVER will )  My husband and I have started taking turns doing the nighttime routines with the twins, and putting them to bed, and tonight is his turn.  I can hear them upstairs running their dad ragged..

First I could hear them pleading with him to let them stay in the bath just a little longer, while I did the dishes.  I guess he caved, because it was a little while before I heard them arguing with him as to WHO was to be taken out of the bathtub first.  Naturally one would argue that it was to be her sister FIRST..

Later, they started explaining to daddy that they did not want to wear the froggy pajamas, but that the tinkerbell ones were THE one.. He must have caved on that too, because it was quite a while before I heard the story time commence..

Mommy usually reads one story, and sometimes I will cave for two, only justifying it with the fact that there ARE two babies after all.  I hear daddy reading, and (as they also do to me) hear the girls talking over him, or singing.. Then, two stories, and the begging commences.. Please daddy one more book, please... SURE ENOUGH... I could here him start yet ANOTHER story..

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