Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bad Day

I'm finally taking a break form the day and I begin to reflect..

I had SUCH an AWFUL day today.. just one of those days were, well, it wasn't the ENTIRE day it was just this afternoon.

The Dr's appointment went fine, but (unbeknownst to them) the kind nurse gave the gremlins some stickers, and so began the saga of nonconformity...

  • They were DIFFERENT, so naturally they BOTH wanted the SAME ones.. /Sigh/ that's strike 1.. 
  • They pulled off all the stickers from the sheet and wondered WHY there were NO more.. strike2
  • The stickers were ALL over, so naturally I suppose they became free Agents? strike 3..
  • The whining commences... Mommy has hit Low level of patience..
  • We head over to CVS to get my prescription and they advise me it is NOT in the system and I have to come back in 1 hour.. (I honestly felt like putting that 20 yr old girl in the van with us for an hour, but I realized although cruel... she would NOT survive)... Mommy has hit the Guarded level (WATCH OUT)
  • Girls have to pee.. (I was sooooo hoping to NOT have to taken them out of the van.. I would pay big bucks some days to NOT have to unstrap and strap those darn car seats... ) so we head over to the strip mall in search of a bathroom and to kill an hour... mommy is STILL Guarded level 
  • We find a bathroom, all the while the gremlins are complaining, touching everything, not wanting to hold my hand.. you get the picture.. (Glad YOU do, the folks in the store looked at me like I was a CRAZY woman selling my babies for CRACK).. Guarded level 
  • Star starts to scream ... (and this is NO lie) " I'm scared... don't HIT ME mommy"  WTH??? WHERE did THIS come from.. Great.. now we have to flee the store ASAP, before they take my children away from me... Mommy hit ELEVATED agitation level..
  • Load babies up.. the hour has past.. THANK GOD.. head BACK to CVS.. only to get some other young punk to ask me the SAME questions, to repeatedly ask me to spell my name.. LISA.. L-I-S-A.. "excuse me ma'am, Can you repeat that?? I'm having a hard time hearing you" (YEAH get your bony A@@ in THIS van, with two tired, bored, screaming, whiny two year olds and see how much YOU can hear..) L-as in loser.. I- as in Ignorant S-as in Shove it, and A as in A hole.. "thanks Ma'am" ... only to be informed they DO NOT have my script STILL.. and they suggest I call back the Dr. // sigh// I just drove around the CVS and back INTO the drive thru.. now I can't find my ID.. mommy has hit the HIGH risk of shooting someone level..
  • Go back to the store (yeah the one where they think I beat my kids) and take my kids out of the car seats AGAIN and go get My ID, strap them BACK in, and head BACK to CVS.. STILL at HIGH risk of shooting someone level.
  • DIFFERENT kid... same scenario.. finally I ask for a manger, they ask if I could come inside, I said sure, if someone comes out and sits with the twins while I'm inside.. I REFUSE to take them out AGAIN... besides they are in MAJOR melt down mode now... they FINALLY find me, and tell me it'll be 10 minutes.. /sigh of relief/  .. I guess in CVS world, 10 minutes is equivalent to 1/2 hour in REAL time.. but I sat and waited, as my blood pressure rose to the moon...  STILL at HIGH risk of shooting someone level.
  • FINALLY as I'm advised it's a $22.00 co-pay (used to only have to pay $3.00 before) and if it was OK.. is WHAT OK?  paying $22.00?? If I say no, would you give it to me for free?? "excuse me ma'am" Never mind.. here's my card.. He then advises me that he's placed the card in the bag.. 
  • The beautiful sound of the container as it swooshes back.. pull out the bag and.... the little bastard has put it in upside down, and EVERYTHING falls on the floor.. mommy has hit the SEVERE level..
I took a deep breath.. moved my van forward a little (I couldn't open the door), and once I picked up all my stuff, I got back in, and began to cry.....

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  1. It's never ok to have to pay a higher co-pay. They just keep going up each year.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry you had a bad day. I feel for you. I've definitely had days like that. {{Hugs}}

  3. Oh, I've had those a time or ten! So sorry!

  4. I had twin boys and I remember the crazy days I had with them. They're 24 now. Oh yeah, there are still crazy days.

  5. You have such a great blog! :) I'm now following you from Welcome Wednesday and would love for you to follow back at!

  6. Awwwww...don't cry...
    You are busy woman! And you blog! You deserve a pat on the back and a kleenex.


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