Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quarantine Day IV : Getting Out

My gremlins seem to be doing soooo much better, and yesterday was the 1 week mark since Luna started exhibiting the symptoms of this ick, soooo this SHOULD be the end of it.. By today, I was soooo ready for a change of pace.. I have been keeping the girls and myself busy, but we needed this...

This morning we packed up the van and headed for the city, to pick up my Girlfriend and her daughters to come and spend a week with us..  I am SO excited.  We have been friends since we were kids. This was my ORIGINAL partner in crime.  Hahahaha and I have not seen her in almost 5 years.  I miss her, and I'm so excited to meet her girls, and have her interact with mine. 

The trip was remarkably uneventful.. I usually get hives just THINKING about driving into the city, but this wasn't too bad.. and my gremlins LOVED the trip..

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quarantine Day II : The Weeds

The girls seem to be doing pretty well, OR they have a high tolerance for pain (like their mama). I've been giving them 2 doses of Tylenol a day, and the haven't really been complaining.. I AM keeping to Dr's suggestions. PLUS a Little honey, for the canker sores. (Honey is a natural antiseptic and they LOVE it.. woot woot).  Another day quarantined to the house, and I had to come up with SOMETHING to keep the gremlins busy...

We've been here a month now, and these weeds are driving me CRAZY!!! Since we couldn't go out and play with other mini  people, I decided to tackle the front yard. 

The gremlins had a BLAST!!! What is it about kids and DIRT??? They helped (or unhelped if that is a word) pull weeds, they followed ants around, and must have pulled at least 25 worms from the soil... 

AND.... For a Small 6' sq area we got a FULL plastic bag of weeds.. 

(I know my family is probably keeling over right now as they are reading this, because I DO NOT do gardening... hahahhaha)

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Quarantine Day I : The Picnic

Yesterday after we arrived from the Dr.'s office, the gremlins were exhausted, to say the least.  We had lunch and after their little dose of Tylenol (per doc's orders) they went down for their nap.  During their nap, I packed some snacks, some toys, and a blanket and prepared to surprise them with a little picnic in the backyard. 

So, we Headed up the hill, and laid our blanket under the big tree, and had our spread.


They enjoyed their Popsicle (also per doctor's orders).

Played with their toys....


Bossed Mommy around!!! 


And even brought their friends Panda and Panda to our little occasion.

They even SHARED!!! 

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Pull out the Hazmat Suits, We're contagious!!!

Saturday evening when we were getting ready to head home from the In-Law's I notice a small red spot on Luna's heal, and really didn't think too much of it.. Looked sort of like a small pinch...
Then, Yesterday afternoon when we were getting them ready for their nap, I noticed that same small spot had gotten larger, and the outer area was turning from red to purplish, and there were MORE spots, and there were some on the OTHER foot and toes.. I started to get concerned..
I immediately called to make an appointment.  OF COURSE, no one there on a Sunday right?  I started freaking out.. (as only I'm sure I do).. Called my sister and Father-in-Law (both were/are in the medical field in the Navy) just needed someone to tell me it'll be alright to wait till the next day to get things sorted... No such luck.. /Sigh/

I debated taking them in to the ER.. REALLY wanted to avoid that if at all possible.  Two 2 yr old toddlers in an ER is a disaster waiting to happen.. It's like shopping for MORE diseases while waiting for a few 100 hours...

So I turned to my good friend Google.. Do you know Google is the DEVIL to parents of small children who are looking for a diagnosis.  Everything from heat rash to LEUKEMIA was popping up.. Now, I'm sweating.. Not to mention my much needed nap went out the window, but I'm glad my DH was able to enjoy it for me.. I swear men can sleep through ANYTHING.. I digress..

I finally came up to a good little website, that mentioned Coxsakie Disease or Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.. HFMD for short.. and it all fit..
Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a contagious viral illness that commonly affects infants and children. There is no cure, I guess like most if not all viruses those suckers have to run their course.. /sigh/ BUT I did learn you can prevent it.. JOY!!! a little late for THAT lesson.. hahaha

I read up on the symptoms...

  • Fever (check) about Wednesday she got a little warm and started acting, well, OFF!
  • Poor appetite (check) she has never been a BIG eater, but she eats WELL.. and some of her favorites, just weren't getting touched..
  • A couple of days after the fever starts, painful sores can develop in the mouth.(check) She has been complaining and trying to get me to put my finger in her mouth.. we did figure she bit her cheek, but this explains it.. (bad Mommy for not LOOKING)
  • A skin rash with flat or raised red spots can also develop, usually on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet and sometimes on the buttocks. This rash may blister, but it will not itch. (BIG CHECK) ahhh haaaa BY GEORGE I think we've found our winner!!!!

Just as I was reading up on it, the Doc on Duty at the Base calls us back... So, I tell her what I found and she giggles.. "I was just about to tell you THAT" she exclaims.. woot woot.. Doc L. in the HOUSE.. hahaha

Although ultimately she is still sick and the doc said it was inevitable that Star will get it too.  Turns out HFMD is moderately contagious. It's spread by direct contact with nose and throat discharges, saliva, fluid from blisters, or the stool of infected persons.  GREAT!! My girls don't play with their stool, and don't do day care, so the wheels immediately started turning as to WHERE, HOW, WHO??? I have NO idea.. We haven't even hung out with other little ones since we moved her a month ago..  But, none the less we just have to be careful not to spread it now.. It turns out kiddos with HFMD are most contagious during the first week, but can spread the virus that causes HFMD weeks after symptoms have gone away. AWESOME.. QUARANTINE with 2 toddlers for (as the doc said) 4-6 weeks.....

I was non the less relieved.. NO ER visit for us.. and at least I KNOW what it is.. The NOT knowing part is torture for me.. (self proclaimed control NUT here)

We WERE advised to push lots of fluids and avoid citrus.. I guess for the obvious reasons.. and here mommy was giving the grapefruit, limes, etc.. Also the doc recommended Tylenol, to help with the discomfort..

Another point was that WE (mom and dad) can get it too, it's not exclusive to little ones.. hahaha so, try and prevent infection at all cost.. YEAH!

  • Frequently washing hands
  • Thoroughly cleaning objects and surfaces (toys, doorknobs, etc.) that may be contaminated with a virus that causes HFMD;
  • Avoiding close contact (like kissing and hugging) with people who are infected.

Now, WHAT is it a sick toddler wants more than ANYTHING in the world?? 

Hugs and Kisses.. 

Sorry DOC, that last one is a TALL order..  So, we'll do our best to prevent it from happening again and hopefully mom and dad will stay healthy.. As for Star?? Last night she kept waking up EVERY 1/2 hour from 8pm to 2am.. and this morning, I found a little blister on her inner cheek...Well, I guess the brgiht side is the contagious stage will end around the same time... HAHAHAHA

Wish us luck!!!

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Menu Plan Monday

 Meal Plan Monday... Although I have been a big meal planner for years, never thought to actually blog about it... and why the heck not right..

Well, we are still swimming in boxes over here, but I really like the new kitchen, and cooking I have ALWAYS loved so... It's back to pots n pans for meeeee...

  • EASY day.. Maybe LO... Headed into the city to pick up my girlfriend and her spawn..
  • Headed to the ZOOOOOOO !! Woot Woot!! so, it'll be my Free Day instead of Sunday..

    This should take the guessing out of cooking, save us some money when it comes to groceries shopping, and help me keep to the meals I CAN eat... and now every Friday, I will place the recipes in the recipe page of the blog.. in case you'd like to join us .. Bon' Appetit...Hope you enjoy!!!!

    For more info, head over to I'm an Organization Junkie, and have a look around...

    Now, Wish me luck... (=

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    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    S.O.S (Sunday's OH SNAP!!) // Blue


    From MOTF

    For more info on S.O.S. please check out the S.O.S. page here... leave your link in the Blog Hop, and visit other participants...

    As always... Comments are appreciated, and will encourage those you visited, to visit back..

    I will List the themes at least 1 week in advance, if not more..

    SOOOOO Get Snapping...

    Mommying On The Fly

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    Friday, July 23, 2010

    Follow Me Friday!!


    Welcome to Follow Me Friday!

    This is a great way to find new blogs and make new friends and get new followers.

    Here is all you have to do:

    1. Please make a post and spread the word! Click on the badge to visit the host page (Still on the Verge)  and grab the badge to put in your post.
    2. Sign in to Mr. Linky
    3. Follow away!!
    • When following a new blog, please remember to leave a little personal comment love.
    • If you get a new follower, please feel free to reciprocate the love!!!
    Feel free to follow through....

    1. Google Connect
    2. Twitter
    3. Facebook
    4. Networked Blogs
    5. Carrier pigeons (Just checking if you were paying attention  lol)
    Make sure to come back every Friday for a new list.....

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    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Strawberry Festival 2010

     Before we left home, we took the girls to their very first "Strawberry Festival".. They absolutely LOVED it.. We didn't get on any rides, (They all seemed way to crazy for little ones) didn't find ANY strawberries.. (crazy I KNOW, since it IS the STRAWBERRY festival), and it was hot enough to make the devil pray for A/C... But, these little critters really enjoyed walking around, getting on all the military equipment... (My husband's Unit was out there... ) and look,

    My dad did toooo.. hahahahaha

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    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    New England Adventure Take 1

    So, yesterday we received news that my Aunt had passed away... So, as much as I felt icky inside.. We had an appointment I did not want to cancel.. So, I got the gremlins ready and WE headed out to Massachusetts.. Hubby exclaimed that this was only about a 45 minute/ hour MAX trip.. WRONG!!! It took us over an hour and a half to get there... and WHY?? you ask ?? WELL, this was where we were to meet with our photographer.. I wanted to have the girls' picture taken.. //sigh// BUT had absolutely NO idea it'd be THIS ridiculously far.. hahaha

    The Photo session went well, don't think I'll go back.. Not only because of the distance, but "J" did NOT impress us too much.. But we did get a FEW good ones in.. Here's a peek....

    Well, after the photo session, I still felt kind of icky.. (not to mention... It takes A LOT of work to get these two comfortable with a stranger and even get them to smile.. GEEESH).. Normally, when I felt under the weather I would always head for the water.. Something about the warm sand on my feet, the smell of the ocean, and that lulling song of the waves.. It was comforting to me.. I'll tell you what.. My Beach has washed away many tears, and listened to many screams and cries... That was my refuge when my husband was gone on those long deployments.. So, naturally, I went in search of an Ocean yesterday..

    HEY, We're in New England.. There has to be a beach SOMEWHERE right?? I googled, and found Narragansett Beach.. Put it in my trusty GPS, and we were off.. Perfect. The Gremlins would take a nap, Mommy gets a little peace and quite, and once they wake up.. SURPRISE!! Win Win Right??

    First off.. This wonderful GPS took me ALL over the place.. I will admit I did drive through some AMAZING scenery.. I had forgotten how amazingly beautiful the foliage is up North.. I never realized I missed the trees till NOW.. (BUT miss MY beach MOOORRREEEE)..

    My favorite (buckle yourself in there's a hint of sarcasm there in case you didn't pick it up)... My FAVORITE part... This was my conversation with the GPS..

    GPS: Turn slight right on to RT you are screwed..
    Me: I guess right here?
    GPS: Start scrambling for change cause you are about to cross a toll bridge..
    Me: WTH?? There HAS to be a LAST EXIT BEFORE TOLL sign..
    GPS: NOPE.. hahahahahah You came IN on that one.. (laughing uncontrollably)
    Me: You KNOW I hate you.. I NEVER carry cash.. well, I'll have to humbly apologize and then U-turn BACK over the water...
    GPS:  I LOVE to watch you gravel..
    ME: F OFF GPS.. I have 3 quarters, and I'm sure I can scramble up a dollar.. how much could this long lovely bridge With the view of a light house and tons of sailboats (did I mention LONG) bridge be.. (gulp.. Knowing it wasn't anywhere NEAR $1.00)

    **SIGN... READS... $4.00**
    and theeeeennnnn I seeeee it.. My husband's WALLET.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have cash PPLEASEEE..

    Yup 3 bucks.. ** sigh of relief..**

    Me:Ha suck it GPS..

    We finally make it to the "Beach"

    HOLY COW.. There were SOOOOO many people.. kinda looking for somewhere a little more private.. hahaha but it WAS pretty up there.... Not to mention.. parking was like $10.00 WHAT??? NOT!!!! Have I mentioned I miss MY beach?? 5 minutes from my house.. no more than 1 of those minutes to walk from car to water, FREE parking, AND not PACKED... But, I'd like to come back to enjoy the town... It was very beautiful there...

    sooo, I settled for a local beach close to home.. hadn't been there yet, but the girls were up, and I didn't want to go home..

    It served IT'S purpose.. a filler to entertain the girls.. It was more like a lake.. not a single wave.. no sound of the Ocean.. no sweet smell of salt water.. It DID have it's own peculiar smell though... More like a fish market... Is that NORMAL up here??

    The Gremlins had a good time though.. and it was a bear trying to get them back in the car.. hahaha I guess they miss the water as much as Mommy does...
    We'll keep hunting.. NO WAY I can live here for 2 years+ and NOT find an acceptable beach.. Am I asking tooooo much?? hahahaha

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    TOT Wednesday

    Take Out The Trash Wednesday

    Today is trash day in the neighborhood, and figured there are STILL some things that really need to go out, that didn't fit in my receptacles...

    So, I'm starting a NEW bin.... and in it, I'm placing...

    1. Some clutter, that really needs to GO!!
    2. Depression.. It's been really hard for me being away from home...
    3. Road Rage... It really isn't healthy, and MINE is soooo out of control..
    4. This rain... I KNOW the environment needs it, but today?? I can do without it...
    5. My procrastination...(self explanatory.. hahahaha)
    6. Laundry... (don't wannnnnnaaaaaa do it ANYMORE)
    well, there's still room for more... anything YOU might wanna add?? feel free..... and don't be surprised if the same stuff keeps appearing in later weeks... these darn things find a way of coming back.. but at least for this week, I've clear up A BIT!!!!

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    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    Hair today Gone tomorrow???

    I've always debated back and forth on the long hair, short hair issue.. Would love to have beautiful long hair, but not the case in my reality... hahaha

    Angelina Jolie Pictures, Images and Photos
    I like the low maintenance of the short hair, and have had short hair most of my adult life.  BUT, it never fails... After a while with short hair, I start longing the long hair (no pun intended I SWEAR)... Then I go through the wait it out, grow it out stages... /BLAH/  and this is where I truly struggle.. hahaha... Since, I'm neither here nor there, I seem to be on the fence as to whether to just bite the bullet and get another cut, or W-A-I-T it out.. I'm not a very patient gal you know...

    I'd absolutely LOVE this cut..
    Hannah Spearritt Pictures, Images and Photos

    Unfortunately, when I DO grow it out, I remember all the reasons I cut it in the FIRST place.. My hair is fine, and thin, and curly... this combination is as attractive as baby blue polyester bell bottoms, a hot pink ruffle shirt (preferably SILK) and a peacock feather fedora.. TOGETHER... can you imagine it?? Have you pictured it?? Did you shudder at the thought.. hahahaha

    YES it really IS THAT bad.. lol..

    crazy hair Pictures, Images and Photos
    SO, I cut it.. and it's a bit more manageable..

    AND, here I am again, in wonderful Hair limbo, thinking and trying to decide if I should find a new hairdresser (we just moved for those that have recently tuned in) orrrrr... Go for the gold and MAYBE just maybe THIS time it'll be different.. I COULD miraculously grow out say... Jennifer Aniston type hair... Just MAYBE RIGHT???

    Jennifer Aniston Pictures, Images and Photos

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